Flu Shots are Evil

Posted on: 5 November, 08

This is going to be a short ‘n’ sweet post.  I got a flu shot today, against my better judgement.  Every year, I get grief from everyone for not getting a flu shot.  Other teachers are horrified, given the petri dish in which we work.  Every time I get one, I get sick from the shot.  No, not “in bed for a week begging to be smothered with a pillow” sick, but sick enough that it really annoys me.  Not sick enough to justify staying in bed all day, but just sick enough that it is an uphill battle to get through the day.  I swear off flu shots for a few years, then the news media hypes a “flu of epidemic proportions” or enough people plead with me that I cave and get a shot.  I have had the actual flu perhaps 4 times in my life.  I get colds, sore throats, etc, but not the actual flu, the one that the shot is designed for.  So I got my shot this morning and guess what?  Yep, at dinner, I felt that oh so familiar feeling of the energy draining right out of me. 

In my last moments of being vertical this evening, I wanted to share a photo of a top I made yesterday.  The pattern is New Look 6828.  The fabric is a heavier knit with a slight brushed inside which makes it cozy for winter.  Sorry for the wrinkled sleeves.  I wore the top all day and I have a habit of pushing my sleeves up. 

Some one please slap me if I even think about getting a flu shot next year. 


5 Responses to "Flu Shots are Evil"

Why didn’t you tell me you were thinking of a flu shot? Tsk tsk. I would’ve forwarded articles on the statistical value of the shot — articles from peer-reviewed journals such as BJM.

I’ll keep them bookmarked for next year.

Everyone tells me to get a flu shot as well. Both my daughter and my boyfriend got one and it didn’t keep them from getting the cold that’s going around and through the family. I used to coordinate flu shots for a company I worked for and had to talk with the nurses about them to get fodder for the employee communication. The flu shots are only for the top three strains of the virus each year (and that changes each year) and so you could still get another strain of the flu and be sick. I think, however, in the elderly, it is worth them having. My mother, at 88, gets them every year and doesn’t seem to have any reaction to the shot. But she’s had bronchitis 5 times this year. The shot didn’t stop that.

Hope you feel better, and that is a cute top.

Me too! This is the first time I got one, because I was sick 4 times last year. However, it took me 4 days to get over the stupid thing, and three weeks later……Viola……I got the flu.

BTW, love the top. It looks comfy, and the color looks very good on you.

Evil ? I agree ! I don’t take the shot either. The few times I had it, when flu season rolled around after Christmeas, I was sick for 3-4 months each time. When the Dr. gave me grief about not wanting the shot, I gave him my history and he said ‘Never take it’ – Something in my system reacts badly. So now I still usually get the flu but for up to 4 weeks, NOT 4 months !

i TOOOOOOOTALLY AGREE! every year around this time i go into my tirade about how they’re useless… and if i could create a prop to ban it then i would! just so i could put those little signs on my front lawn saying “NO ON FLU SHOTS” lolz

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