Baby Blues

Posted on: 6 November, 08

I stayed home today to recover from that evil flu shot.  (Yes, I know, it makes me sound like a wimp, but it flattened me…totally.)  After lunch, I finally started to feel capable of being vertical.  I seized the opportunity to finish up a baby gift. 

The pattern is from the 06/08 issue of Ottobre Design.  The dress is design #5.  The pattern called for a wool knit which is not available in my area.  I substituted a soft, washable woven wool.  This pattern would work well with either a stable knit or woven.  They don’t show up well in the photo, but the little buttons on the shoulders are little hearts.  That curved yoke just begs for an embellishment. I hand embroidered a little heart and stars to mimic the pattern on the shirt and leggings.  It is subtle enough that mom could use a different shirt and leggings underneath. 

The little raglan tee is design #1 and the leggings are design #2 from the same issue.  As you might guess, these two pieces sewing up in minutes.  I used FOE for the neckline binding.  The fabric is a very soft interlock.  These two patterns would make great jammies. 

If this baby takes after mom and big sister, she will have bright blue eyes and blond hair.  The color of this dress will be perfect for her coloring. 


4 Responses to "Baby Blues"

So cute! I like the embroidery on the yoke, and I really like the matching top and leggings. What a wonderful baby gift!

This is darling, what a nice gift. Happy to hear you are feeling better.

What a precious outfit! What was the fabric for the top & leggings? (Enquiring stashing minds want to know 😉

This is adorable and I’m sure it will be very well received.

Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. You described a French viva very accurately: a big, long, public, and scary affair.

Hope you’ve now recovered from the flu shot!

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