How to Move to the Front of the Line

Posted on: 8 November, 08

The little post office closest to my house is no longer open on Saturdays and closes at 4:30 in the afternoon.  To mail a package, I must join all the other displaced patrons and venture to the main post office across town.  With twice as many customers you would think they would open more windows.  “Nah!  Let’s cut back on available postal hours right before the biggest holiday gifting season.” 

The line was a mile long.  A woman just ahead of me had a squirmy toddler.  Despite being allowed to run amok in the post office, he still melted down into category  5 tantrum.  Mom ignored him, which is one way to deal with a tantrum, except when a post office full of already annoyed patrons have no other option than to “deal with it” too.  It didn’t take long before everyone sang out in chorus, “Please, you go next.  Please!”  Though no one said the words aloud, you just know everyone was thinking, “Please, you go next so you can get that screaming banshee child out of here.” 

Oh, and Mr Postal Clerk, the chattiness is adorable when business is slow.  When the line is a mile long, I really don’t want to listen to you engaging in a lengthy chat about the weather, sports, and your arthritis with each person ahead of me.  The “personal” attention does not make me feel any more special when I finally reach the front of the line.  I would feel way more special if I could mail my package before I start collecting Social Security.


1 Response to "How to Move to the Front of the Line"

Oh I feel your pain….

Though living in my small semi-rural town is..well…’s an 8 mile drive to my Post Office…since we live on the rural side of town. In addition to taking a lunch break from 11:30 am to 1pm, they close at 4pm. At least they have only lost one package in my (several) years of doing business!

…oh and my postal worker sometimes brings me fresh eggs from her farm πŸ™‚

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