Crab Cakes

Posted on: 9 November, 08


imageYes, this is me.  Crabby today for no good reason.  I even turned an offer from Hubski to go out to dinner tonight.  Sewing helped a little.  I finished one garment thanks to being awake at 4 a.m.  Hmmm, perhaps that has something to do with the irritable nature.  Anyway, I did finish a cardigan.  A photo, perhaps tomorrow.  I also cut out and started on a pair of pants.  I wanted a pocket, but not a traditional slash pocket or even a welt pocket.  It took me a few minutes to work out the mechanics and location in my head.   These pants could end up being rather fab.  School is closed on Tuesday for Veteran’s Day, which means I should have a new pair of pants for Wednesday. 

I shall immerse myself in a book for the rest of the evening.  Perhaps reading about someone else’s highly dysfunctional life will make my “problems” seem petty by comparison. 


1 Response to "Crab Cakes"

It is so good to hear that someone else has had a rather terrible day. I have been grumpy all day. I don’t know why. I even took a nap. I hope you got some sewing done because I certainly did not. My solution is to clean. Once the house is clean I always feel so much better. It is hard being 42 with two little ones. I am so stuck in my ways. Oh darn, I am going to bed to get rid of this day, maybe things will look brighter for you tomorrow too. BTW, love the crab.

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