The Empire Strikes Back

Posted on: 10 November, 08

As promised, here is a photo of yesterday’s sewing project.  It is Design #19 from the 02/06 issue of Ottobre Woman.  This is such an easy pattern to sew.  From tracing to snipping the final threads was about an hour.  Seriously.  Shoulder seams, insert sleeves, side seams, hem outer edges.  Minutes, literally. 

I made the sleeves full length instead of 3/4 length.  I need all the warmth I can get.  I also moved the ribbon belt to an empire line instead of the natural waistline.  How did I know where that is?  I tried it on and played around with the ribbon on the outside.  When I can get to the fabric store, I want to replace the ribbon with a wider ribbon.  I added a few little beads to the ends of the ribbon to add a little weight and definition.  I have some iridescent beads that will look better with the fabric, but were too large for the skinny ribbon. 

Because someone always asks, the fabric is a sweater knit from Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Yes, Virginia, this is the fabric I bought with you a few years ago.  The fabric has lots of different colors so it will be easy to wear with lots of different tops. 


8 Responses to "The Empire Strikes Back"

Adorable. What a great job. I don’t think I even noticed that pattern.

Bee Yoo Tee Ful. Love your work, as always.

Love it! I have wanted to make that sweater for ages, but atlas I haven’t found a good fabric for it. I’m always on the lookout for pretty sweater knits, but everything seems to be made of mostly acrylic and I have had more trouble with that fiber pilling. Do you know what yours is made of?

Reply to MelissaB: I don’t know the exact content because it was purchased as a remnant a few years ago. However, based on the feel, I am fairly certain it is not totally natural fibers. However, it is very soft and doesn’t have that “nasty acrylic” feel.

It is very hard to find nice sweater knits. I’m always on the hunt because I like to be warm. 🙂

Teri…what a pretty sweater!

Really cute, Teri. I love the empire waistline.

I just purchased this issue and this was one of the things I was interested in making. I love how it looks on you! The colors are beautiful.

Great job. I love that pattern. I have two with 3/4 length sleeves. Wish I had one with long sleeves….

cute sweater teri! I like how you used that fabric. I was just looking at the fabric I purchased that day and am still trying to decide on a pattern. I do think it wants to be something soon. 🙂 Nice to have a memory jog of a fun day! Virginia

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