Bad News and Worse News

Posted on: 11 November, 08

It looks like my knee surgery has been moved up, by quite a bit.  Originally, the plan was to do an arthroscopy over spring break to evaluate what would be done during the bigger surgery in June.  My surgeon wants to do it sooner for pain relief and to prevent more damage. December 19th is a likely date.  Eek!  I’m not ready to do it that soon.  In addition to seeing what is left of my knee, he will clean up the cartilage and a lateral release.  The lateral release will try to pull my knee cap into a better position.  It is a temporary fix, but it could buy a year of reduced pain. 

Wait, there’s more.  After I heal and go through physical therapy, he is shipping me off to another surgeon in a different state.  I am currently being seen at a major teaching hospital.  There is another world renowned teaching hospital less than an hour from here.  You would think that between those two hospitals, there would be a surgeon who could handle my knee.  Nope.  Apparently not.  It seems this is a challenging problem to solve.  A road trip looms on the horizon.

But wait….there’s even more!  As he was explaining all of this, I said, “Well to have this problem fixed once and for all, I guess it will be worth it.”  Then he shared that my knee will never be permanently fixed.  For medical reasons that escape me at the moment, traditional knee replacement is not an option.  Every few years, I will need to have my knee surgically readjusted and rebuilt.  The only thing I can hope for is new technology. 

While I am not excited about any of this, it will all be fine.  I will do what I have to do.  I will have to get creative about a few things.  I am fortunate enough to have great friends who will help tremendously.  This isn’t what I had planned, but I can adapt and adjust.

To take the edge off all of this mess, I spent the afternoon finishing my pants.  I am very pleased with the end result.  Photos tomorrow.  Sewing also calmed my nerves and allowed to put things in perspective.  It will be fine.  It could be a lot worse. 


12 Responses to "Bad News and Worse News"

Oh Teri, I’m sorry to hear there isn’t a permanent fix for your knee. I’ve watched my MIL go through numerous knee surgeries as her doctor didn’t want to replace her knee due to the fact she was ‘too young’. He was also worried that it wouldn’t alleviate all of her issues. Finally June this year her knee was replaced and she’s doing fantastically.

I can’t wait to see your pants!

What a bummer! What state is the other hospital in?

Hey Teri, I’m sorry to hear about the necessary change of plans. At least there is something that they can do, even if it isn’t a permanent solution. Sounds like you’ll be getting a lot of sewing done over the next few months.

Oh Teri, I am sorry to hear about your good/bad news. I wish you the very best, and keep us posted on your health.

Oh wow and double wow. You will be laid up over the holidays. The good news is that you won’t have to do all the work. I pray for the best for your surgery.

I’m sorry to hear about your knee surgery and the long term prognosis. Of course, you are right – things could always be worse… But it’s pretty impressive that you are able to keep that perspective! They say that a positive outlook has real physical benefits. So, good luck with the upcoming surgery and with keeping your spirits up! 🙂
I’ll be sending good thoughts your way… 🙂
Take care,

I had knee surgery 10 years ago……..a cartilage transplant graft and once healed it has never hurt again. My only other option was a knee replacement which I was too young to have. So maybe…….things may work out OK after all.

Ah man, I’m sorry you’re having so much troubles. I hope that sooner than later they will find something more permanent to fix your knee.

Teri, they are making such wonderful medical improvements all the time, hopefully, they will come up with something for your knee soon too. You have a great attitude and that is half the battle already. Best of luck.

Ah man… Not the christmas present you were hoping for.

I have to admit, after going through major knee surgeries myself, I can’t quite bring myself to say I’m sorry about your surgery being moved up. If it brings pain-free time, it’ll be worth it. The sooner they can help it, the better ! A lot of the work they did on mine was to bring the kneecaps (I had them both done) into position, so I can just imagine the pain you have now. I AM sorry that they don’t seem to be able to give you any long-term prognosis (at least not a ‘good’ one !) Chin-up & hang in there !

Teri, hang in there. I just had the lateral release, a meniscus repair (stitched) and a laser planing for ecessive breakdown on Wednesday. The first 48 hours were a drugged blur. Now ice and the occassional pain pill is cutting it. If I didn’t need 6 weeks of no weight bearing I’d be elated right now. It sounds worse than it is once you get over the hump.

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