Lo Siento

Posted on: 12 November, 08

(That’s Spanish for “I’m sorry.”)  No photo of the pants tonight.  I have been putting out fires all day.  Thank goodness that is a figurative, and not literal, statement. 

When I was asked to teach a certain lesson plan today, I gave a list of needed materials.  This was an entirely “hands on” lesson.  Without the materials, there is no lesson.  I get there early to make sure everything was set up only to discover the room is locked.  Ugh.  I call for a custodian to unlock the room and wait…. and wait.  As students started lining up, I ran all the way to the main office to borrow a key.  Finally, we spill into the room.  Of course, the materials are not all there.  The period has already started so I cannot leave the students alone to race around in search of materials.  Did I mention that we were in the most barren room in the building.  Entirely bereft of anything but tables, chairs, and dust dragons.  Time to get creative and make it work!  Thanks to some quick thinking and a couple of creative students,  we adapted in Darwinian fashion. 

That was the good part of the day….. there was various issues that came up with students.  Out of respect for their privacy, I won’t go into details.  Let’s just say that teaching the actual lesson is the easy part of a teacher’s day. 

And I just got home from a three hour meeting.  It was one of those meetings where a lot of things needed to be said but no one wanted to say them and definitely no one wanted to hear them.  After listening to too many people trying to tap dance around the truth, I stretched my diplomacy skills to the max. 

I managed to get a photo of my pants, but the camera is not playing nicely with the computer.  At this point, I’m all out of “making it work” and trying to elicit cooperation amongst unwilling participants.  I’ll give it another go tomorrow.  Perhaps after a good night’s sleep, we will all be more cooperative.  πŸ™‚


1 Response to "Lo Siento"

Hi there,

I’m from Australia, and I came across your blog yesterday morning. I have been happily reading going through your archives, probably for the last 4? 6? 8? hours. Your sewing skills amaze me, and inspire me to blow the dust off my sewing machine – even the best I ever managed was a few pillowcases and some half done cushion covers (no zipper foot means no zippy on the cushion cover)

Anyway, I was reading about your love of ottobre patterns (the first I’ve ever heard of this company), and I was in a handbag store yesterday, and coincidentally noticed the brand is ottobre. I’ve done a quick google, and they’re two entirely different companies, but the coincidence was enough to prompt me to leave a message. Since you’re such a lover of the pattern making company/magazine, I figured you might get a kick out of knowing there is a handbag manufacturer in Australia by the same name.

Of course, I used this coincidence as an excuse to buy the handbag! LOL. Well, that and I’d been eyeing this hand bag on and of for the last month or so. The fact that it was finally reduced to $20 helped a little as well. *grin*

Anyway, hope you’re getting a good rest, and just wanted to let you know, reading your blog inspires me to sew! Although I think it will takes years before I get to your calibre.

Reply: Oh my goodness! What a sweet note. You made my day…no my week or month or year. πŸ™‚ When asked why I blog, your comment sums it all up. I hope it does inspire other people to dust off their sewing machines. Sewing is so relaxing and enjoyable for me. If I can do it, anyone can. It really isn’t that hard. It is a matter of patiently learning new skills.
I hope you will share your sewing projects.

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