The Pants

Posted on: 13 November, 08

Sleep helped me and my electronics.  🙂  Thanks for putting up with the whining yesterday.  I’ll try to not make a habit of it.

Photographing black pants indoors at night is not easy.  I do love the pants.  The fabric is a woven mystery fabric with lycra that I purchased at Fabrix in San Francisco.  Love that lycra for pants.  I cut the pattern on the cross grain because horizontal stripes are generally not a good idea, a really bad idea for pants.  It worked out because that meant the stretch of the fabric was going around my body.  Vertical stretch can lead pants growing two inches by the end of the day. 

The pattern is Design #16 from the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman.  The wide yoke is not only flattering, but also infinitely comfortable to wear.  To avoid having the waist band stretch too much during the day, I lined the yoke with a stable woven.  The wider leg hides my knee brace nicely.

I added a little hidden pocket in the seam of the yoke.  When I am working, I need a little pocket for my cell phone and a few quarters for the soda machine.  I thought traditional slash pockets would distort the pattern of the stripe.  Ditto for a welt pocket.  Yes, it is a little bulky when I put my cell phone in there, but any pocket is a little bulky with my cell phone.  When the pocket is empty, it disappears.  This helps the pants work for both work and dressier occasions. 

Why did I wait so long to make these?  I love them and they took no time at all to sew. 


12 Responses to "The Pants"

These are great looking pants, I will have to check out the issue. I am sorry about your knee.

The pants are fabulous!

So cute! I like that pocket detail.

And I wanted to look for another Ottobre pants pattern for myself — I think I’ll start with this one.

Oh the fabric looks so luxurious, and I love the cut. Great job Teri. I swear when I get one little eensy bitty moment to myself (never) then I will sew some pants again.

They look great!

Those are some great looking pants. I adore the fabric.

Love the pants, Teri – looks like you’ve got a good fit with that pattern. That pocket’s a cool idea.

The pants look great! I’ve been trying to decide which ottobre pattern to use. I made the pants from the first issue but the leg is so wide. I really like the look of this pattern on you so I may try this one. I noticed the pattern isn’t full length. How did you extend them? Did you curve in at the knee and then flare out?

Reply to Karen: The pants do taper in a bit at the knee, but just a tiny bit. I worked off of measurements from another pair of pants, then tweaked a bit.

With other pants, I have used the leg portion of one pattern and the upper portion of another. You just need to measure to make sure the knee area falls at the right place.

Fabulous pants Teri! Must try this pattern soon…I have both striped and houndstooth suiting I think may just be perfect for this style. Thanks for sewing it I could see it “live” 🙂

Teri, can you share how you constructed the little hidden pocket in the seam of the yoke? I really like the idea of not having the look of a pocket when it’s empty but having it there when you need it!

Reply to Ann: This was not hard at all. In a nutshell, I drew a pocket shape that was the size i wanted. Placed it on the front of the pants and stitched the opening right along the seam line. I snipped the seam allowance down to the stitching. Flip the pocket to the inside. Then I sewed on the pocket facing. When I attached the waistband, I was careful to not catch the upper edge of the pocket.

I realize, photos would make this infinitely easier to understand. I will try to post a little tutorial with photos real soon.

[…] Back to the photo…  This is the top I made for New Year’s Eve.  It is Design #17 from the 05/08 issue of Ottobre Woman, without the collar.  I decided to wear a black silk camisole underneath because crutches and wrap style tops do not work well together.  However, the top looked smashing with these pants. […]

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