Things I am Not Doing

Posted on: 14 November, 08

Blogs are usually filled with the things we are doing, our accomplishments.  This post is about not doing things.  I have a hard time saying “no.”  The older I get, however, the easier it gets to say “no.”  This month before my surgery is going to be more insane than usual.  It is a super busy time at school.  I would like to get my house cleaned and organized before I am stuck in bed for a couple weeks.  Oh, and let’s not forget some holidays thrown into the mix. 

1.  I am already working 3 days next week, one of which is taking 71 Latin students on day trip to another city.  When someone asked if I could I sub for her the other two days, I said no. 

2.  The school is having their huge week long multicultural fair next week.  A friend asked if I could help with an exhibit on Israel.  Even though a million ideas popped into my head, I said no.

3.  A few friends were encouraging me to sign up for NaNoWriMo.  I signed up and wrote for a few days.  Then I realized that there were other things I would rather being doing with that time, like sewing.  I am NaNoWriMo drop out and I am ok with that.  One day, I will do it, but for this year, I said no. 

4.  Someone asked me to alter a her bridesmaid dress for a wedding this week.  I would want to do right which would mean taking about the bodice.  Even just the hemming would have made me nuts.  Chiffon.  Need I say more?  I helped her figure out what needed to be done, gave her the name of a tailor, and I said no. 

5.  A friend asked if I would teach her 6 year old to sew.  I said no. 

The scary part is the list of things I said yes to is infinitely longer.  I am looking forward to the surgery.  While I am unconscious, no one can ask me to do anything. 


3 Responses to "Things I am Not Doing"

Good for you – I have a hard time saying no to people too. But, the saying no is sometimes to myself. I always seem to have grandiose plans especially at Xmas that I never can complete in time – too many handmade items that only a small few of the recipients appreciate. This year is the year that I’m going to have to make my christmas an unstressful time.

This is so true, and such an important lesson to learn when knowing how to take care of yourself. I know some people in a recovery program and their motto is you never say no when asked to do something. I vehemently disagree with that idea. However, I have another friend who alters it to say not saying no to any “reasonable” request. This makes more sense to me. I like to help and give to my friends and family, but when it means emptying my own tank past the point of no return, then I’m no good to them or anyone else, least of all myself.

Good topic!

I’m not doing more things than you’re not doing 😉

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