The Blizzard of ’08

Posted on: 18 November, 08

It snowed today, for about two minutes.  Around here, snow is rather rare even in the dead of winter.  Any type of wintry precipitation in November is freakish.  It was such a momentous event that I actually stopped class to allow the students to gather around the windows to watch it fall.  It was rather hard to teach anyway over the chorus of  “It’s snowing!!”  Word quickly spread down the 8th grade hall that I honestly stopped class so we could watch the snow, which was very out of character for this “no nonsense” teacher.  It was amazing how a few snowflakes transformed a bunch of oh-so-cool-and-grown-up 8th graders into wide-eyed-full-of-amazement-little children.  Their eyes were positively twinkling with delight. 

After the snow stopped (literally about two minutes), we returned to our discussion of the murderous MacBeth.  Visions of snowmen and sledding still danced in our heads.


1 Response to "The Blizzard of ’08"

Oh my envy

…24″ of snow just 20 minutes south of my town….and about 5″ in my yard at present…… ๐Ÿ™‚

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