Buried at Pompeii

Posted on: 20 November, 08

The Latin field trip to the Pompeii exhibit almost buried me.  I thought I was going only as a chaperone, in charge of 11 students.  Through a weird turn of events at the last minute, the teacher who planned the event was not able to attend.  Suddenly everyone looked to me to take charge.  Being responsible for 11 students was going to be a handful.  Being responsible for 71 was a whole new level of stress.  I was grateful that the other chaperones were helpful and competent.  Fortunately, we got them all back to school in one piece. 

There was a very funny moment during the day.  The bus driver grabbed my butt.  I almost fell down the steps inside the bus.  He reached out to break my fall.  The only he managed to grab was my rear end.  Awkward!  He had a hard time looking me in the eye for the rest of the trip. 


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Thanks for the laugh Teri.

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