I Could Cry

Posted on: 23 November, 08

On Friday, I picked up my embroidery machine from the repair shop.  I have spent all afternoon trying to finish up the shirts for the literary magazine.  Things were chugging right along.  I was so excited at the prospect of finally finishing these shirts.  The students have been bugging me about them and I love crossing things off my to-do list.  On the third to last shirt, the machine stops working.  ARGH!!! 


7 Responses to "I Could Cry"

Oh no! I jinxed you by talking about embroidery machines. How frustrating for you. Ugh.

What a bummer! Can you take it in and cry at your dealer so they’ll fix it again fast?

Oh how frustrating! Now you have to find time to get it back into the shop. Hope you are able to finish the project soon. g

Oh no! Could you take in the shirts when you drop your machine back to the repairers and maybe use a shop one (assuming they have one) to finish off? I don’t know if that’s possible – the extent of my embroidery machine interaction consists mainly of wishing I had one!
I hope it’s fixed soon for you.

That really stinks – my old embroidery machine would always do that… Or make bird nests on every shirt to the point of driving me to frustration. I feel for you…. I’ve been there….

How frustrating.

I know exactly how you feel. However I went to the dealer and requested that I do the embroidery in their store and they let me. Mine broke down 4 times, before it was finally fixed. Did I pass on my bad luck to you? I’m sorry.

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