Sew Pink

Posted on: 24 November, 08

It is favorite blog time again.  (Transaltion:  Too busy to do much sewing, so must live vicariously through others) 

Jeannine at Sew Pink makes sweet little girl dresses which she sells on Etsy.  She takes traditional styles but updates for the “modern little girl” with interesting details and fabrics.  Jeannine is also very thoughtful.  If we lived closer, we would probably hang out.  Instead, I have to be content with reading her blog.  It always brings a smile to my face. 

PS:  Her children are positively adorable. 


1 Response to "Sew Pink"

Oh so sweet Teri. I agree wholeheartedly that if we were neighbors, we would be great friends. I was just telling my hubby about Karen and Astrid meeting in Denmark, and my goodness I have known you guys for at least four years now.
Well, although we do not live close, the internet definitely has given us a means of finding friends that have a common interest. Thank goodness for that!
I just noticed the books you read. Some of those mommy books look really interesting.

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