Warm and Cozy

Posted on: 27 November, 08

When it is cold outside, I love to pull on a warm and cozy sweatshirt.  Sadly, warm and cozy often equals sloppy and frumpy.  This fabric is nice fleecy, brushed knit.  Very warm and cozy, but definitely not frumpy.  Design #29 from the 03/04 issue of Ottobre Design has all the comfort of a sweatshirt without being sloppy.  I went up 2 sizes because I wanted a little more ease.  The waistband ribbing was cut with almost a one to one ratio to prevent blousing.  I added vents for style points and to allow a little extra room at the hip line.  The neckline is quite flattering.  A very, very stretchy ribbing is needed, or cut the ribbing quite a bit longer than the pattern specifies.  I am not entirely crazy about the wide ribbing on the cuffs.  If I make this pattern again (probably will), I will reduce the cuffs substantially. 

I also started a pair of pants today.  It is my usual tried and true pants pattern, which I could almost make in my sleep.  All that is left to do is finish the inside of the waistband, hems, and buttonholes.  I don’t know if I am feeling under the weather or just simply weathered today.  Either way, I am not pushing myself to finish these tonight.  Tomorrow is another day.


5 Responses to "Warm and Cozy"

Oh cute Teri. I like the wide cuffs, it matches to the waistband ribbing, and I think it helps give the shirt a bit more style. Lucky you. It looks very comfortable. Obviously you managed to clean up.

I think it looks perfect for relaxing and being warm. g

I love this “sweatshirt”…the print looks like a beautiful blue sky. It would make me happy whenever I wore it, were it mine!

Just LOVE this! The color, the fabric, the style..everything!

Great (and cozy) top!!!

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