Fabric Muncher Foiled

Posted on: 28 November, 08

This project almost did not happen.  The fabric is a lightweight wool that I inherited from a friend when I helped her clean out her mom’s stash.  Even though it is wool, I washed it because it had been stored in an attic for years.  When I held it up to fold it, I noticed small holes.  Lots and lots of small holes.  It appears something had munched on the fabric.  I had a moment of panic.  What if that fabric muncher was still in my box of fabric?!?!  A careful examination of every piece of fabric put my fears to rest.  Apparently, the fabric muncher does not reside in my house. 

Trying to layout a pattern on this Swiss cheese fabric was tricky.  Most of the holes were very tiny and hard to see in the hounds tooth weave.  I placed a pin across each and every hole.  By some small miracle, I was able to fit the pattern pieces on the fabric in between the holes.  It is the same pants pattern I have used several times before.  If it works, why mess with it? 


7 Responses to "Fabric Muncher Foiled"

Wow, that’s a really pretty fabric. I’m glad you were able to rescue it and put it to good use. What pants pattern do you use? I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned it somewhere before… but I figured I’d just ask before searching. 😉

Reply to Little Miss: I used my tried and true Ottobre pants pattern that has been hacked and tweaked to bits, Design #16 from the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman.

that’s great you were able to work around the holes. Those pants looks fabulous and you’re so right, if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. g

It was probably a little moth – they love wool. Your pants are really nice. I haven’t been brave enough to try an Ottobre pattern for myself yet, but I think I will just have to give this pattern a try. I still find tracing the patterns kind of intimidating. I made a little shirt for my grandson and it turned out so cute. I really enjoy seeing the lovely clothes you make. They make me want to sew again.

talk about dedicated! i can’t imagine going through an entire swathe of material putting pins in teeny weeny holes.

but so glad you ‘made it work’ 😉

I thought of you and your little phone pocket this weekend. I had put my phone in the normal, large front pocket of my pants and when I went to the restroom it fell out and slid into the next stall. The person currently occupying that stall didn’t notice, though, and I rescued it after she left. And I decided that from now on I’m putting a phone-size pocket on my pants — perhaps it will stay in better, or I’ll remember to take it out every time since it will be easy to find.

Nice pants, as usual.

Well that is a Christmas miracle you were able to get those pants cut out of your holey fabric. They look lovely.

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