Should I or Shouldn’t I

Posted on: 29 November, 08

Ok, boys and girls, it is time to be brutally honest.  I saw Butterick 4865 and fell in love with it.  I like the brown belted one.















I have a piece of very nice black and white houndstooth.  Perfect….except I don’t have quite enough fabric.  So I was IM’ing with a sewing friend about options.  When I sent her a link to the pattern, she suggested that it was a lot of jacket for my small frame.  I really like this style, but, yeah, it might be a little overwhelming.  She suggested the blue jacket, for which I would have enough of the black and white fabric.  My concern is that it would look a little maternity because it is rather boxy.  

For those you have not met me in person, which would be most of you, I am really petite.  Seriously.  Just shy of 5 feet tall and 85 pounds.  No lie.  Obviously, I have to resize the pattern.  However, would the wide collar wrap style jacket be too much fabric for me?  Would the blue one make me look pregnant? 

You, my dear readers, get to vote.  Be honest.  I can take it.


10 Responses to "Should I or Shouldn’t I"

I wouldn’t do the blue one. Too boxy.

I sort of agree with your friend. I think with your skills you could make the brown one with the tie work – but it would take a lot of work. I’d make it a smidge more fitted – not so loose and large under the arms – and it could work. Instead of the tie making the darts in the fabric and pulling it in, perhaps you can draft the pattern so it’s not so full (add darts? taper it in more?) and then there won’t be quite so much fullness in it.

Or, punt, and pick a different pattern with similar lines, just not so full. Because the more I write this and think it through, your friend may just be right. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it, and the drapeyness of the black and white. If it’s really soft (not stiff) then it might be lovely.

And I never realized how *tiny* you are!

There are so many jackets out there in the stores right now that if you’re not sure I’d go try some on in both styles and see what you think. The blue one could be made to hit closer to your waist and then there’s no way it could be mistaken for maternity. I’ve tried many sweaters and jackets of this type on in the store and they don’t look maternity at all. I’m 5’10 and weigh much more than you though so I’m sure they fit me differently than they do you. LOL.

I disagree. As long as your frame is small, and your hips are not large, I think it would work. The jacket has raglan sleeves which usually do a good job of making your shoulders true to size. The belt shows off your small waist. The fact that the sleeves are large in width, or boxy should have no bearing on your size. The jacket is also short, so that would also look good on a petite body frame. I think you could pull it off.
Have you thought about adding black wool to give you extra fabric? Maybe cuffs in black and belt in black. Just a thought.

I love that jacket too! I see it’s already a petite pattern. In looking at the line drawings, each version has the same shape, the one you like is just double-breasted with a belt. Could you see yourself in view A or B (depending on which collar you like best) with a belt? If you really love the overlap and collar of view D, then maybe you could cheat a little like Jeannine suggested with the cuffs and belt, and you could cheat the left front under lap with other fabric as well since it wouldn’t be seen. Also, you may be smaller than the smallest size on the pattern, so that would save you some fabric too.

I too think alot of jacket might be a bit overwhelming, but if you proportion it down, keep the waist where it is on the pattern, and use a lighter weight wool, you should be o.k. with this pattern…

I don’t think the blue one would make you look pregnant, but I agree that the brown one might be too overwhelming in houndstooth for you. What about the pink one? Looks like the blue one but with four buttons – I think that added vertical line would help.

Muslin! Or something from the deep discount rack at JoAnn’s so you can test the shape in a color (cut the main pieces and baste them together and see what you think)…although if your instincts are making you hesitate, then you are probably better off with a different pattern…

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I think the brown one would work if you made the lapels and sleeves a bit narrower. You can just fold out the width in the sleeves. For the lapels, just draw them smaller. The belt a bit narrower might help too. You can also cut down on the width thru the body. but not too much- you want some drape.

Double breasted is made for thin people- it makes everyone else look big. If you have a waist, emphasize it and this jacket with the belt will do it.

I think the black solid trim would cut down on the fullness of it visually. Maybe a solid black belt? And with black pants it would be sharp. I say try it.

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