No Jacket Required

Posted on: 2 December, 08

I did not even look at the jacket today.  After school, I had the pre-op appointment for my surgery.  They gave me crutches and prescription for the post-op pain medication.  That made it all stunningly real.  Once again, evidence was presented to support my theory that height is an illusion.  Many people are shocked to discover that I am less than five feet tall. “Really?  You look taller.”  I feel taller.  Perhaps it is because I refuse to think of myself as short that people don’t perceive me as being *that* short.  No one thinks I am 5′ 10″, but no one guesses under five foot either.  Anyway, the young woman who fitted me for crutches was shocked at my actual height.  It was amusing to see her trying to use my crutches in her demonstration of proper crutch use.  I am tempted to spray paint them pink because the grey is just too depressing. 

I got home in time for a quick dinner before taking the boys to taekwondo.  Hubski had a conference call with China.  They asked him to go to China.  Too bad his visa to China expires in 3 days.  Getting another would take a couple weeks which is when my surgery is scheduled.  Hubski was not at all heartbroken about not being able to sit on airplane for 18 hours. 

After taekwondo, I spent the remainder of the evening entering grades.  Our school is testing out a web based grading program.  Parents are given an account which allows them to see their child’s grades at any time.  It is a great way to see if your child is missing assignments during the grading period instead of waiting for report cards.  The program is a little awkward from the teacher side.  Trying to access the system during the school day can dreadfully slow.  Honestly, teachers don’t have very much time during the school day to enter grades.  It is easier to just do it at home, except it really eats into my sewing time. 


2 Responses to "No Jacket Required"

Omgosh, you should TOTALLY paint those crutches pink. What a great idea. The gray is totally depressing and too utilitarian looking.

Teri…if I don’t get to tell you later…good luck with your surgery.
I really understand how all the “pre-op protocols” make it seem all too real.

You know, it’s funny..I am 4’11” tall..and most people think I am taller too. Of course, perhaps that’s because I try to always wear heels…sitting here right now waiting to go to a doctor’s appt in spike heel boots, jeans, and a velour top, LOL!

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