Still no sewing….

Posted on: 4 December, 08

I am going to bed very, very soon.  Long day.  Migraine started about lunch time.  Food did not help.  After school, I stopped by another classroom to pick up something.  As I walked in, the shouting shot through my migraine riddled brain like a dagger.  Like an idiot, I chose to walk into the middle of the confrontation to break it up.  One student kicked a chair which hit me squarely in the bad knee.  (He was not trying to hit me.  I just stepped into the middle of the mess.)  My brain was now trying to decide if the pain of the migraine or the pain in the knee was worse.  I fully admit that I was not the picture of calm in dealing with those two students.  Fortunately, their assigned teacher came in the room in a matter of minutes.  I quickly handed the situation over to her, grabbed my stuff, and hobbled out of the room. 

The knee has a lovely bruise, but no real damage.  The migraine meds are starting to kick in.  Sleep is exactly what I need.  I am so very glad tomorrow is Friday.


3 Responses to "Still no sewing…."

Hope you feel better Teri. If it makes you feel any better, I have had the worse week with my kids too. I just want to hand them to someone and say “Here, take them please!”

I’m so sorry you had such a bad day. I hope your sleep helped your headache and your knee feels much better. Here’s wishing you a fantastic day on friday to end your week. 🙂

Wow… I do hope your migraine is gone for good. Happy Friday, and happy weekend! 🙂

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