Posted on: 6 December, 08

Why do I bother to make plans?  I did not embroider the t-shirts, work on grades, or sleep.  The only thing I did from yesterday’s list is work on my jacket, which I have decided to abandon.  It was not the lapels that got me.  It was all the fabric under the arm.  I started folding out excess and redrafting curves.  Finally, I folded the whole pattern up and put it back in the envelope.  It will be donated to the home ec class and I will pick a different pattern.  I remembered an Ottobre pattern for a wrap style shirt with a wide collar.  Ottobre patterns fit without hours of redrafting and fitting.  Life is too short to mess with the wrong pattern. 

My plans were partially derailed by a trip to Walmart.  I knew going to Walmart on a Saturday morning in December was not smart.  I would love to know how many times I said, “Excuse me, can I get through?”  Because I try to keep this blog family friendly, I cannot share what was actually going through my head.  You can fill in the blanks.  After finally crossing everything off my very long list, I stood in a very long line to check out.  Apparently, the screaming pain in my knee was loud enough for everyone to hear.  An old woman in an electric scooter chair pulled up behind me in line.  She took one look at me and said, “Here honey, you sit in my chair.  I can stand for a while.”  How sad when an old crippled woman thinks you need the electric scooter more than she does.

After that incident, I was too depressed to do anything that required more cognitive function than folding laundry. 


7 Responses to "Regroup"

So sorry about your knee and having to go to Wal-Mart!

Oh Teri! I’m sorry you had a moment of poor judgment and went to Walmart on a Saturday! I’m sure what was going through your head has gone through my head many a time in a similar situation. I hope you can have a calm, relaxing Sunday.

So sorry about not getting your best made plans completed. Sat AM and Wal-mart in Dec don’t mix. Sat Eve and Wal-mart in Dec is actually not bad. So, if you need anything else, wait until then. They might actually have a motorized cart available at that time of night. πŸ˜‰

I was in Walmart too, but I needed time to fly, so that is why I went. Spending 7 days with the kids without a break was just about all I could take this week.
You sound just like me, when it comes to completing my to do list, I would rather cut to the chase, and do exactly what I want. Then there are other weeks, where I do everything on my to do list and more. I am sorry to hear about the pattern. It was a nice coat, just a bad time. Things will look better on Sunday……..they always do you know.

Sorry about your plans not working out — welcome to my world! I don’t think you want to be in Walmart *any* time this month LOL!

BTW — what’s this “stuff” going on with your blog … random white dots going through words makes reading very hard (eyes keep blinking & trying to “re-focus”) — is it supposed to be snow? Cuz its very distracting — particularly on white background — so it only shows up as disturbances in the black text…

I like the new look of the blog. After everything with Abby this week I dumped my list of vacuum, grocery shopping and laundry in favor of embroidery and sewing. I felt much better at 9:00 last night when I surfaced.

I hope Sunday is much better to you. g

DS and I did a Walmart run this past Saturday and it was remarkably not crowded. That is a bad sign of the economy!
Sorry to hear the knee was bothering you so much – won’t be too long until the dr makes it better!

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