Smiles on Sunday

Posted on: 7 December, 08

Geesh, I have been whining way too much on this blog.  Sunday has brought reasons to smile. 

1.  I got to meet Baby Josie.  The students made a poster to welcome Josie to the world.  I delivered it to the art teacher this morning.  Josie is beautiful and simply perfect. 

2.  I finished the t-shirts for the SMORS literary magazine team.  It feels so good to cross that job off my list.  There will be lots of smiles from the students when they get their shirts tomorrow. 

3.  My raspberry cheesecake looks awesome.  I am bringing dessert for a school committee meeting tomorrow night.  I wanted to make something a bit festive and special.  Knowing I can have a big slice of that decadent cheesecake makes me look forward to sitting through a meeting tomorrow night. 

4.  Grades are all entered and I have a list of students who are missing assignments. 

Yes, there are things that did not get done, but I am focusing on the positive.  As Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day.” 


1 Response to "Smiles on Sunday"

I am so happy that you had a good day. Don’t panic, we all have those weeks. December stress spreads through you whether you feel that way or not. I also had a great Sunday. I got 1/2 the house done, put up the tree, and managed to do 6 loads of laundry, and a basket of ironing. Not bad! I can breathe again. Of course, now I have to put all that stuff away. That will take another day (can you hear me sighing?). Tomorrow I will start a list like you. Shopping is my stress-maker.

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