Nokia E71

Posted on: 8 December, 08

We live in a black hole of cell phone coverage.  No matter how sweet the gadget, if it doesn’t get a signal, it doesn’t do me a whole lot of good.  The Palm Centro was easy to use, but had a weak signal.  The Blackberry Curve was very slick, but the signal was spotty at school.  I thought I was destined to keep my old Nokia N75 until I saw Nokia E71….

I saw one in real life.  It is soooo sleek and pretty.  Given the signal strength of my N75 and C’s 6555, I would guess that this one is good too.  It is currently being sold as unlocked.  Sweet…not tied to my cell phone plan.  It does all the fancy smart phone things.  The keyboard is comfortable.  The only stickler is the $375 price tag. 

I can’t quite get behind the iPhone hype.  It has some nice features, but it also has some big drawbacks.  Being forced to use iTunes is a big one.  It has a lot of features I don’t want.  When I have played with one in the store, I did not like the touchscreen keyboard.  However, those who have them seem to love them. 

Do you love your smartphone?  Do you hate your smartphone?  


4 Responses to "Nokia E71"

Well, clearly, I adore my Centro, and I’m still bummed it didn’t work out for you. I’ve heard good things about the new Nokias – check out PalmAddict to see what they’ve posted, they do all varieties of mobile/smart phones, not just Palm devices.

And, um, I know I usually read your blog through Google Reader, but why does your blog have dandruff? πŸ™‚

I am proud to say that I am cellphoneless. I had one for two years, but got rid of it. When I drive with my kids in the car, there is no place for a cellphone. There is just too much stress in life to deal with another gadget. Can you believe that is coming from me – Ms. Computer freak.

I like the features of a smartphone, but I don’t like a chunk-o-phone to lug around. As for reception, I find Motorola phones to have excellent reception in my area. My son says they don’t hold up, but I like them a lot…

I adore my smartphone!! I have a nokia n95 and it has made things so much easier – syncs with google calendar, I can get my gmail on it, my fave flickr feeds through nokia shareonline, loads of books on it (mobipocket)…. oh yeah, it makes phone calls too… It’s small enough to fit in a jeans pocket as well, always a plus πŸ™‚

Reply to Sam: That’s the only downside to the e71….a bit large for a pocket. It is sooo tempting. I am rationalizing that I will be getting a nice paycheck this month since I have worked so much. Shouldn’t I treat myself? But then I remember that college is only 3 years away for my oldest….eek!

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