Dear Blog365

Posted on: 9 December, 08

Dear Blog365,

We have been together for 343 days.  I am not sure I have another 22 days in me.  A more accurate statement would be, “I am not sure I have it me for the next 22 days.”  Twenty-two days in another month might be no big deal.  The next twenty-two, in particular, are not looking good for us. 

It’s not you.  It’s me.  I love the idea of writing every day.  To be a better writer, one has to write.  I am just not sure how I will manage to write any other than drivel for the twenty-two days.  This relationship blog was based on sewing.  There will be very little of that in the next few weeks.  If we don’t have sewing, do we have anything at all? 


7 Responses to "Dear Blog365"

What do you dream of sewing, if you had unlimited time and budget? I would sew a cashmere coat and do all the padstitching, the welted pockets, the interesting interfacings… Put your dream project out there and go for it!

Teri, try not to put extra pressure on yourself while you getting ready to have and are recovering from your surgery. I still remember the cute spool thread lights you found when you were surfing one of the sewing websites. You don’t have to sew – you could tell about new sewing items or new websites you find – but only after you are feeling well again.

Teri, do you mean to tell me that your life cannot find anything to talk about unless you sew? I am sure with all that knowledge in your little head, you can find a few things to share with us.
Whatever you choose to blog about will be worth reading.

I haven’t responded much to your blog but I enjoyed reading it. So “yes” we do have something else besides sewing….well, I do. 🙂 I would miss you if you didn’t post.

I am a faithful reader and whenever I pull up my feedblitz subscriptions (I have 40 or 50 different blogs that I monitor) I save your blog till the last because I know the rest of the sites I will skim, but I ALWAYS read yours. Please don’t put pressure on yourself to post every day. If you really want to try finishing up the last 22 days maybe you can create a few in advance for those days you won’t feel up to posting. I for one, love your book reviews and we share a pretty broad eclectic reading taste so I will certainly follow up on all your recommended books.
I set myself the task of reading the current and previous winners and short listed books of the Giller prize and the Booker prize since their inception. I didn’t set a timeline, but have the list in my purse to check when I visit the used bookstore. I also (gasp) read many of the Oprah’s book list books. So perhaps a book review or two could be used as filler. And finally, I always love your random thoughts about life, parenting and sewing. It always sends me off into the land of my own random thinking – often on a totally unrelated tangent. So if you can, please continue – every word you write is worth reading and I’d miss your blog if it wasn’t there. I’m planning on starting a blog in the new year. It won’t all be sewing related but I hope to make myself accountable for doing some fabric sorting, cataloging and some actual sewing, by writing about it in my blog.
Most of all, take care of you teri. This will be a tough time for you as I know how active and busy you are and being immobilized will really cramp your style. So I’m sending some positive and healing vibes your way hoping that you work this all out to be less of a trial than you expect.

Even if you wont be doing much of sewing that doesnt mean we arent interested in what you write, in the end its you who makes this blog come alive, and as Jeannine said i am sure you can find something to blog about..

I look forward to reading more 🙂

Being a fellow knee sufferer, I enjoy (now that sounds bad, doesn’t it?) reading about how you are coping. Post if you feel like it. We’ll be here when you do.

Go ahead and take a blogging break, it’ll feel good to let this particular bit of pressure off.

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