You Are the Best!

Posted on: 10 December, 08

Dear Bloggy Friends,

You certainly know how to lift a girl’s spirits!  I sincerely appreciate the very kind comments and emails I have received today.  The encouragement is genuinely appreciated.  I will do my best to live up the wonderful praise.  🙂

Tomorrow, I must sew.  My neighbor begged me to let out the hem on her son’s tuxedo pants.  He has an orchestra concert tomorrow night and has grown 3 inches in the last 24 hours.  Ok, not literally, but the pants fit when he wore them just a few weeks ago.  I simply cannot face them tonight because I spent over three hours tonight working on the high school’s budget requests to the school board.  I am crossed from looking at numbers and trying to decided which items were highest priority. 

The pants won’t take long to hem.  A simple blind stitch on the sewing machine will suffice.  Nonetheless, it will be nice to sit down at my machine for a few minutes.  The hum of the motor is so soothing.  This is a good reminder to check J’s pants before his concert next week. 


2 Responses to "You Are the Best!"

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I intend to put Nicolas in his room for about an hour today to get some rest, and he does not stay there, I will remember the lock on the outside.

It is amazing how fast boys grow. Nicolas fit in everything in October, and now all of his pants are too short. Have fun.

My son has gone through 3 sizes in one winter…he’s ONLY 13 and still growing!! Tall and thin, and it’s hard to find pants to fit. His dress pants have been let out twice and it looks like another and last time is coming soon.

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