Release Party

Posted on: 12 December, 08

Today was the release party for the fall issue of the school literary magazine, SMORS.  The editing staff looked quite sharp (and very proud) wearing their new t-shirts that I finally finished embroidering.  C was asked to present the awards to the winners of the writing contest.  Then one of the faculty advisers said there was one more award to present.  He told the gathering of students, teachers, and parents that premier issue won a state recognition last year.  The judges had noted that in addition to the quality of writing in the magazine, they were very impressed with the layout, design, and editing of the magazine.  Mr H went to explain that last year, the magazine staff consisted of basically one person, C.  They presented him with the first annual “Editor’s Award” and gift card to a book store.  Afterwards, C told me that it felt good to be recognized.  The gift card was appreciated, but the bigger reward for him was seeing so many people gathered for the release party, seeing the magazine grow.  He is thrilled that there are sixth and seventh graders on the staff because they will be able to carry on the magazine next year.

The magazine is indeed quite popular at school.  They have sold quite a few subscriptions.  There is a huge waiting list for the copies available for check out in the library.  Students have been asking about the release date for the new issue.  C said, “It is rather surreal to see something you have worked on actually in print, a real book in the library.”  I told him it is rather surreal to see your 13 year old becoming so mature and wise. 


4 Responses to "Release Party"

Congratulations to C. What a mature young man you have.

Congratulations to C. How cool is that? It’s awesome to hear about a young person so mature and enjoying the love of writing and publishing – a field near and dear to my heart. So, do we get to see the embroidered shirts or was I asleep when you already showed us?

WOW! That is amazing. Congratulations to C! I would be a very proud mommy too!

Congratulations to C! He well deserves the recognition.
I remember when you wrote of his early hard work and his determination to get this off the ground. How wonderful that he’s seen it come to such a succesful point. And with signs that it will continue on…

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