Smells Like Teen Lit

Posted on: 13 December, 08

C’s gift card to the book store was burning a hole in his pocket.  We had to go to the bookstore this afternoon.  We all perused.  I looked at two issues of Burda World of Fashion.  There were some cute things, but oh so little even close to my size.  At $12.50 per issue, I am not interested in doing that much resizing.  I flipped through Threads and Sew Stylish.  Largely unimpressed with both issues.  I never quite made it to the sewing and needlework books because I ran into a few students who wanted to chat.  Once the boys had made their choices, I just wanted to flee the crowds.  When we got in the car, they both opened the books and inhaled deeply.  “Ah, that new book smell….nothing quite like it.  Best.  Smell.  Ever.” 

PS Actually, the boys have mostly outgrown teen lit, but the title worked so well for this post.  They are choosing more and more books from the grown up section.  Normally, I would say “adult” instead of “grown up,” but “adult book” sounds a little skeevy, sort of like “adult movie.”  No, they are not reading those books.  It is a little weird for me to no longer head over to the comfy little sofas in the children’s section.  I miss the big, cartoon cutouts of story book characters and the soft, little stuffed animals. 


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Or the wonderful train table that keeps the kids busy for hours!

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