My Apologies to Brown

Posted on: 16 December, 08

My neighbor and I owe our UPS driver a big plate of cookies….or a six pack of beer.  Ever since we moved in, we have provided a hiding place for each other.  If the in laws are in town, the other house is a safe haven for a few minutes of ranting before returning the fray.  Text messaging comes in real handy.  “Sorry guys, just got a text and I need to run across the street for a few minutes. Be right back!” 

For the holidays and birthdays, we stash each other’s gifts.  If we order something online, we have it sent across the street.  The poor UPS guy gets confused because the addresses are so close, 102 or 103.  Packages with either last name might be shipped to either address.  I finally told him to not worry about the last name.  Go with the address.  We can sort it out ourselves.  Though it can get a little crazy on our end too.  Some boxes are so non-descript that they must be opened to determine to whom it belongs.  It’s a good thing G and I don’t have any secrets. 

We have been getting so many packages lately that I fully expect the UPS guy to just dump all the boxes in the middle of the street and say, “You figure it out.  I’m done.”


2 Responses to "My Apologies to Brown"

This is so fun! And nice. My neighbours, on the other hand, steal my packages. There are some definite ways in which I am not going to regret Paris.

oh I loved reading this post! This sounds like my wonderful neighbor across the street when we lived in the city. I miss her!

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