Midnight Snack

Posted on: 18 December, 08

Ok, technically it is a tad before midnight.  When the nurse said I couldn’t eat after midnight, I interpreted that to mean I should have a snack at 11:30 p.m.  I am worse than a toddler when it comes to snacks.  I need food every few hours.  There are mornings that I wake up before dawn because I am hungry.  The mere thought of not having breakfast makes me faint.  They may not need anesthesia for me.  I might pass out from hunger before the surgery even starts.


8 Responses to "Midnight Snack"

Best of luck tomorrow. I can understand about the hunger….

Keep us posted. We’re rooting for you.

Good luck! I will be thinking about you. It’s worse when you know you can’t eat, isn’t it?

I’m keeping you in my thoughts today, Teri… I hope everything goes well, and the surgery goes fine….

I am the same. I worry more about not eating, because my blood sugar is going to drop that I faint. Don’t panic. It will go well. Good Luck.

Hope it went well – have been sending vibes from across the pond!!!

It’s horrible isn’t it ? I hardly ever snack at night, BUT if I have to fast, I starve til morning LOL – nothing like being told you ‘can’t have it’

I guess the surgery is over by now – I hope all went well.

Hey Teri,
Hope all goes well. Well, I guess it’s already done so I hope it went well! Give us a heads up when you are able and feel free to whine whenever you feel like it. Anything we can do to occupy you to make sure you don’t do stuff that you aren’t supposed to do? She says “what – I always do what I’m told” yeah right teri, we’re on to you!
Take care,
Big hugz

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