Pumped Up

Posted on: 20 December, 08

Thank you for all the good wishes.  I enjoyed reading them through the night, as sleep was quite intermittent.  The good news is I am feeling much better today.  I hate the way pain medication makes me feel.

The surgery went well.  The pain is really not too bad today, especially if I don’t move my knee.  The biggest problem with the surgery was that they were running late, like almost three hours late.  At one point, I was so weak from hunger that I started shaking and thought I would pass out.  Once they hooked me up to some saline and glucose, I felt much better.

They wrapped my knee in an inflatable cast which is hooked up to pump.  Hubski fills the tank with ice and water, flicks a switch, and it inflates the cast with ice water.  The goal is to reduce swelling.  Hubski really enjoyed helping me with the pump every couple of hours all last night.  🙂

My “physical therapy” at this point is to pump my foot back and forth like pressing on the gas or break in a car.  Yesterday, that was painful.  Today it is no big deal.

I am glad I am flexible and strong.  It is helpful to be able to get up from a seated position using only my good leg.  I can pick up my crutches from the floor without bending my leg.  Doing all those abdominal exercises has made it easier for me to get in and out of bed without help.  If anyone is headed for surgery, I highly encourage you to get as strong as you can before.  It makes recovery so much easier.

Now, the big job is to stave off boredom….


9 Responses to "Pumped Up"

Glad you aren’t in too much pain… hope you have an easy recovery.

Good to hear that today is better than yesterday. Hope your recovery is quick and that the family keep you entertained.

So glad the surgery went well and you are feeling better today. Let those guys wait on you and you try to rest. I hope you and your family enjoy your holidays.

Too bad there isn’t some way to put your sewing machine on one of those bed tray tables so you could have fun that way. I guess knitting or crocheting is out of the question? (Just kidding). Glad you are doing okay and I’ve been thinking of you! Enjoy the time to rest as much as you can.

Oh Teri, you sound great, so enjoy the rest. READ! You love to read, and blog. The one thing I enjoy about taking a break from sewing, is that once I get back to the machine, I really sew alot.
Glad to see you feel good. We say in german “Toi, toi, toi” for good luck.

It sounds as though all went well, glad the pain is subsiding. I agree – the boredom will get you everytime ! Have a wonderful Christmas & feel better soon.

congrats on the successful surgery. hope you recoup and can get back to the sewing machine soon!

merry christmas!

Glad to hear all went well, hope you are up and running soon! I too hate the way pain killers mess with your head, hope you don’t need to take many more.

I”m glad to hear things are going okay. I thought the idea of going without food for so long sounded quite scary — I think we might have the same metabolism.

Now, as I recall, you have a sock knitting book there somewhere — time to give it a try!

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