Baby Steps

Posted on: 21 December, 08

Today was a little better than yesterday.  I definitely feel like a toddler again… needing help with everything.  I miss my independence, but at least I have not started throwing tantrums.  The guys have been great.  They hang out with me upstairs, check in with me often, and never complain about fetching things.  I am sure this will get old for all of us real soon.  It is weird to have not left my bedroom in days.  I fear what the rest of the house looks like.  Tomorrow I might try to walk down to the end of the hall.  No stairs yet.


3 Responses to "Baby Steps"

glad to hear the surgery went well. Vaca photos to come soon! g

Take care of yourself and don’t do too much. I know as a mom that is hard but you have a great support team.

Teri….rest well, heal well, be well.
Thinking of you often….

Hugs, Pam (totally trapped in the house, snowed-in by 4′ drifts…with bored step-daughters from Florida..and husband. Gonna hide out in my studio, LOL)

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