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Posted on: 22 December, 08

My brain fog is finally lifting.  The anesthesiologist said I was not “cheap date.”  For a little person, it took a lot drugs to knock me out.  He warned me that it might take a few days to be fully coherent again.  He was right.  I would read the same paragraph five times and still not know what it said. Today, I overdosed on media.  Books and television, specifically.


This was not the children’s movie I expected.  I know the cockroach was suppose to be cute, but I just could not bring myself to love him.  This has more to do with my deep seated phobia of cockroaches.  The movie dragged at times, but not a total waste of time.

The Notebook

Oy vey.  What a positively dreadful movie.  The plot could not have been more predictable.  The acting was not bad.  The actors just had so very little with which to work.

Shrek the Halls

I have thorough enjoyed all of the Shrek movies.  The first was my absolute favorite.  So many fabulous characters.  This one is typical holiday fare, but Donkey makes it all worth while.  I love Donkey.  The gingerbread man and the three blind mice are bright spots too.

Then there was a forgettable smattering of reruns.  Despite the totally formulaic plot, I get sucked into House every time.  Seinfeld never disappoints.  Catching a couple early episodes of Will and Grace was a high point of the day.

I started and finished December by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop.  It is the story of a young girl who stops speaking for nine months.  Her parents have no idea why she suddenly becomes mute.  Naturally, it tears at the fabric of the family.  The book had potential, however the ending was entirely anti-climatic.

I have not been able to do any needlework yet.  I am having some issues with my foot swelling up like a puffer fish.  In addition to ice and drugs, I am trying to enlist the aid of gravity in reducing the swelling.  Because I cannot bend my leg at all, to get my foot above my heart, I must be flat on my back with lots of pillows under my leg.  Not really conducive to doing anything but watching television and reading.  I suspect when they remove the compression bandages at my post op appointment in the morning, the swelling will quickly resolve.


4 Responses to "Picks and Pans"

Good to hear that your brain is returning to normal. Anesthetic is crazy stuff

Enjoy your tv viewing. Sending you lots of fast healing wishes!

Glad to hear that you are returning to normal. Drugs can work miracles but they can really wreak havoc on our body too. Catch up on all the reruns you can. You won’t want to post yourself in front of the tv for awhile once you get back up and running. BTW, I too didn’t like the movie Notebook but I Loved the book. I didn’t realize I was seeing a movie for a book I had read initially but it was so disappointing. I would read the book again though.

Like you, I am still figuring out how to pass time. Fell on my crutches and now have a broken right wrist too. Just finished The Many Lives and secret sorrows of Josephine B by Sandra Guilland. Definately a good read. Now conquering the sequel which is good but drags at temes.
Sounds as though you are doing very well Terri. It gets better every day at from this point. (Now approaching 6 weeks myself)

I am sure you are going nuts right now. I know I would be. Rest, and allow your body to heal. Hope things go well today. You may want to stay upstairs. I know I would.

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