Post Op

Posted on: 23 December, 08

Are you sick of hearing about my knee yet?  I am sick of thinking about it, but it is my entire existence right now.  Besides, my blog is the easiest way to keep my friends updated.  Sure beats making a zillion phone calls.

My post op appointment was good news and bad news.  Which do you want first?  Dr S thinks this surgery will give me some relief for a period of time.  Based on what he saw, he thinks the second surgery may not be as horrific as first thought.  A second surgery is definitely in the cards.  Because my knee cap has been tracking properly, I have worn a groove in my femur.  Eww, eww, and eww.

One positive side of surgery was getting rid of that big, black bulky brace.  It was hot and did not fit under most of my pants and jeans.  I thought, worst case, a smaller brace might be needed.  Nope.  Dr S is a big fan of the bulky one.  I asked him if we were talking weeks or months for the brace.  He said, “I want you to wear it until it falls apart, then we will get you another one.”  It looks like I need to spend some time altering my jeans and making some wider leg pants.  Skinny jeans are one fashion trend I will need to skip.

The other good news is I apparently heal very quickly.  He is pleased with the strength and flexibility.  (This is a very relative statement.  The bending is almost imperceptible to the naked eye.)  I have been given permission to try to bend my knee and be more mobile, with crutches, of course.  The trip up and down the stairs and to the doctor’s office felt like running a marathon.  I needed a nap afterwards.


6 Responses to "Post Op"

Not sick of your updates at all. Am very glad to hear how you are doing rather than wonder. Besides, anyone who doesn’t want to read your blog right now doesn’t have to. LOL. Glad to hear that you are doing well even if you have to wear the icky brace. Now you have the opportunity to try some new pants patterns. LOL. At least Ottobre has some styles for you to choose from. 😉 Have a good Christmas and try to run mini-marathons rather than full ones. LOL.

Glad to hear you are recovering. Hope you enjoyed your nap after your “marathon”.

I’m never tired of hearing about your knee, your sewing, your school activities, your children, whatever you choose to blog about. It’s all fun, interesting and YOU. I’m glad you are healing quickly and sorry to hear about having to still wear the big bulky brace. Ugh. Happy Christmas Eve to you!

I remember well those mini marathons ! Do what you can and nap when you need to – you’ll thank yourself later. I’m glad to hear you’re healing well – you’ll be ‘up & running (so to speak)’ before you know it. Merry Christmas !

Well I’m totally behind in my reading, but am happy to hear that things are progressing well. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, bummer about the bulky brace. Merry Christmas!

Sounds good–except for that femur groove. Glad to hear that you are making progress!

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