Crossing Over

Posted on: 24 December, 08

I have gone over to the dark side, to the Apple side.  I bought an iPhone.  It was between the Blackberry and the iPhone.  I fully admit the plethora of sweet apps suckered me in.  Confirmation from another teacher about the signal strength gave me the courage to take the plunge.

I have my issues with Apple products, but Apple does know aesthetics in a way no other computer company does.  The iPhone is gorgeous.  However, like people, pretty is nice, but it is whats on the inside that really counts.

The girl at the ATT store promised that I could simply plug my phone into iTunes and “poof,” all of my data would transfer.  When I plugged the phone into my computer, all I heard was “thud,” the sound of my phone turning a brick.  Despite reinstalling iTunes three times and spending two hours on the phone with tech support, my phone was useless chunk of plastic.  Most Apple customers must be dense.  After reviewing all the steps taken before calling, the tech support guy said, “Wow, you were really thorough before calling.  “No, honey, it is just that I have lots of experience calling tech support and I know all of the questions you will ask before you ask them.”  The tech support guy made appointment for me at the Apple store.  And just what would I have done if there was no Apple store in my area?

Upon my arrival at the Apple store, I had to check in with the concierge.  Really?  A concierge at a retail store?  Whatever, just fix my phone.  She escorted me to the Genius Bar which is staffed by their Genius Guys.  Seriously.  She said all of this with cracking up.  I stuffed the urge to say, “Pretentious much?”  I more than a little irked by the lack of reference and existence of  Genius Girls.  Maybe I came on a testorone laden evening.  Again, whatever, just fix my phone.

I had always heard of the cult like following of Apple products, but sitting in the middle of it was more than a little creepy.  I fully expected people to genuflect before stepping up the Genius Bar.  (Goodness, I cannot even type “Genius Bar” without feeling absolutely ridiculous.)

My Genius Guy was about 12.  I suspect he was no smarter than a 12 year old either.  Ok, to be fair, he was not dumbest customer service rep I have ever encountered, but I saw absolutely no evidence of  “genius,” not even “above average intelligence.”  He took my phone in the back to plug into a computer for a firmware update.  Gee, give me access to the firmware and I can do that too.  In the hour I sat there waiting for my phone, I listened to what the other “Geniuses” were saying.  Other than spouting things I read on the Apple FAQs, their only other solution was “We’ll have to send it back to Apple.”  Hmmm, apparently, the real geniuses at Apple do not work retail.  Whatever, he fixed my phone.  For many reasons, I sincerely hope I never need to set foot in the Apple store again.  It was just too creepy.

I have since been able to sync my phone with my computer.  It is a rather sweet phone.  I love that it searches for a wi-fi connection before connecting to 3G.  At school, I can tap into their wi-fi for a faster connection.  I would much prefer an actual keyboard.  My accuracy with the touch screen board is terrible, but it may improve with practice.

The strong suit of the iPhone is the App Store.  There are a ton of free apps.  The rest are cheap, less than $4 each.  Of course, the boys had to download some games first.  Download is super easy, right from the phone.  The Google map feature will come in handy.  Most of the time, I do not need a full GPS, but being able to pull up a map quickly will be quite helpful.  AroundMe allows me to search for various businesses close to my current location.  The weather and stock market app just feeds into my trivia addiction.

There is still so much to learn about this phone.  Most importantly, it does work well as a phone.  The rest will get sorted out in time.  Thus far, I am pleased with my purchased, but I am not ready to bow at the altar of Apple just yet.


5 Responses to "Crossing Over"

If ever you can use Verizon service with an iPhone, DH and I will both have an iPhone in a heartbeat!

Yes, Apple lovers are a cult, I’m convinced. And not only a cult, but a Microsoft hating one at that. They look at you like you are green with two heads if you say you like Microsoft. Microsoft has been paying my mortgage indirectly for several years, plus I like their products. This cool new test phone I’m working with has Windows Mobile on it and I’m just now figuring out how to sync with Outlook, get my email and stuff – only because I haven’t had time to play with it. Firmware updates done yourself should be a given. You shouldn’t have to have help with that and actually, it should be transparent so you don’t have to think about it at all.

Have fun playing with your new toy. I’ll be playing with mine while trying not to nibble on all the Christmas treats and such. I was given a HUGE box of truffles by the neighbor yesterday which I am immediately regifting to someone else. Ugh.

Happy Holiday to you!

Hee, when we switched to Apple at home I told my brother we had finally LEFT the dark side. I’ve only had to set foot in one of the stores once, though, and it struck my as goofy rather than creepy — I think involvement with Irish Dance has given me a different idea of creepy cultish behavior, though.

We don’t have the iphone, but BIL brought one over last night and was practically swooning over it. He loves the apps. It’s his first Apple product, too.

My sister got one for Christmas. She loves it, however she also bought an IMAC this year. She does alot of photography, and almost every photographer I know owns a MAC. Their software is far superior to Microsoft.
I hope you like it, and you guys are having a wonderful relaxing Christmas.

I think I learn more about techie items from your blog than anywhere else. I enjoyed the post about your dh’s gps…helped me in looking for one for my dh…and now the iphone. Do you have any sugggestions for a software program for my artistic son?

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