Posted on: 26 December, 08

A slanket is a blanket with sleeves, perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the century.  When I read in bed, my arms always get cold.  I have tried (unsuccessfully) to hold the book through the blanket in order to stay warm.  Knowing that I was going to be stuck in bed, in winter, for many days, it was definitely time to make a slanket.

The sewing is beyond easy.  I admit, the sleeves are not hemmed yet.  They seemed long, but I wanted to use it for a while to decide how long the sleeves need to be.  I found the directions here.  I set the sleeves closer together than the instructions recommended.  In hindsight, they could have been even closer together.

The slanket has been wildly popular in this house.  It has been perfect for my recuperation.  The pressure of heavy quilts is very uncomfortable on my knee.  Fleece is lightweight, yet warm.  My arms stay toasty while I am reading or using the laptop.  When I get sleepy, I can simply pull my arms in and drift off to sleep.  The boys have each requested one.  My neighbor thought the idea was brilliant.  She is my Project Runway buddy, so I might need to make a couple so we can each have one while we watch the show.  I might have to send Hubski on a fabric run for me.  I will be ready to sit at the sewing machine much sooner than I will be ready to hike through a fabric store.

If you know someone who likes to knit or read while snuggled in a blanket, this would be a terrific gift.  The sewing could not be simpler.  You could add a little embroidery on the cuffs or center front to jazz it up.  Bindings could also add some pizzazz.  It could be scaled down for a child.  Just think about the width of a child’s shoulders when deciding on the sleeve placement.  My luscious fabrics could be used, like Minky or cashmere.  It’s not too early to start on holiday gifts for next year.  🙂


6 Responses to "Slanket"

Hmm, maybe I’ll make myself one in pink…

Hey! just looked at the directions – I know Welmoed! She is in the DC area PMB Users group. She is an excellent seamstress and has terrifc ideas. Yep, I see a pink slanket in my future!

Hiya Teri! glad you are comfy in your slanket…well maybe not comfy exactly, with your surgery…but cozy warm.
…btw….way to go on that Ottobre what a generous project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you!

Teri, that looks like a great idea. I always read at night, and my arms always get cold. I may have to make one of those. Fleece is perfect. I cannot believe you send your hubby fabric shopping. Only in my dreams.

For years and years I told DH I wanted a blanket with sleeves. He kept telling me to invent one and I shoulda listened since they are all over the place now. A great idea for sure. I should make my MIL one for her b-day.

Honey has been trying to convince me to make him one. Guess I have no excuse to not try now! It looks so comfy.

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