Labor of Love

Posted on: 28 December, 08

The members of the Ottobre-English group on Yahoo Groups have long wanted a searchable database of the patterns.  Many of us have a large collection of magazines.  It takes quite a bit time to look through each magazine to find a certain pattern or a specific type of pattern. For quite some time, I have been tossing around different ideas on how to achieve this goal.  It needed to be something simple, something that would allow searches using a variety of parameters, and accommodate graphics.  Excel was my first thought because I love spreadsheets, but not all of our members use Excel.  I also wanted something web based so anyone could access it.

I stumbled across Evernote, and fell in love.  It is a wonderful way to organize bits of information.  I can access my Evernote account from any computer, but can also synchronize my account with my computer at home.  I was thrilled to learn that I could opt to publish a notebook.  Perfect!  (There is even an iPhone app for Evernote!!)

I played around with Evernote and Ottobre PDF’s.  Setting up the database was easy, time consuming, but easy.  I worked on it a bit when I had downtime at school and nothing else to do.  When my surgery was bumped up by a few months, I realized this would be the perfect time to work on the database.  Nine issues are done.  I am working backwards, starting with the most recent issues.

With the database, one can search for patterns by size, type, or other key words.  If you want to make a hoodie with a zipper in size 128, you would put “128 + zipper + hood” in the search box.  Trying to come up with all the appropriate search times is the challenging part.

It is a lot of work, but it is a labor of love.  With each issue, I enter it goes faster.  Also, the earlier years have fewer issues per year and fewer designs per issue.  I know I will use it often when I am planning sewing projects.  Our Yahoo group is such a great group of people that I am happy to do this for them.

Since some of my blog readers are not on the Yahoo group, I thought I would share the link here also.


6 Responses to "Labor of Love"

How exciting! I read the Yahoo group erratically –it has way too many emails to keep up with — so I’m glad you posted a link here.

Thanks again Teri! What a wonderful job.

A thousand thank yous! What a wonderful thing to share with everyone. 🙂

Not on the yahoo group, but I do use a few Ottobre Design for my younger son (he’s skinny – needs the 110 length and about a 68 waist/hips) – what a great index to have available! Thanks very much!

This really is a such a great tool for all Ottobre fans, thank you again Teri (tho thank you doesn’t seem quite adequate for all the hours you’re putting it).

Thanks again Teri — this is such an amazing gift you’ve given us! Definitely one that will keep on giving!!!

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