The Next Step

Posted on: 30 December, 08

For many years, C has helped me design the clothes I sew for him.  He has designed several things for me.  Learning to sew his own clothes was the next logical step.  I fully admit that I have put him off for a while, uncertain of how to accommodate for his vision issues.  Encouraged by his success and perseverance in the soft sculpture unit I taught to the 8th grade art class, worn down by his requests, we gave it a try today.  He made a pair of pajama pants! 

C was a great student.  Knowing that he learns best by understanding the big picture, I used a Socratic method of teaching.  I let him figure out the next step, or how to make it work, with me there just to point the pros and cons of his ideas.  It would have been faster for me to simply tell him “do this, then do that.”  I thought if he had a solid cognitive understanding of the process, he could better compensate for his vision.  We enhanced the seam guides on the machine with bright post-it notes.  He had to rip out on little part of his first seam because the fabric shifted.  Other than that, he was spot on.  He even used the serger.  He really understood the importance of the details in sewing.  As you might imagine, he was pleased as punch with the end result. 

PS My apologies for the photo quality.  Had to use my iPhone because the camera battery needs to be charged.


13 Responses to "The Next Step"

Yeah “C”, you did a fantastic job!!! Enjoy your new pj pants! 🙂

I am impressed, and what a perfect pattern to start out sewing. I am sure he will want to pick out several boyish fabrics and go at it again. Did he have fun? So how do you feel about sharing your sewing machines?

Reply to Jeannine: To be honest, I am not so sure about sharing my sewing machines. I am really picky about my sewing room. I have things set up a certain way. I don’t like people touching my sewing things and moving them. In the rest of the house, I am quite flexible. It sounds awfully selfish. If he really takes an interest, we will find a way to make it work. Fortunately, he is very respectful of my space.

He did really enjoy the process. He was a bit surprised at how many details are involved. For better or worse, he is usually so busy with school that he will have very little time to sew. Second semester of 8th grade will be insanely busy for him.

They look great! What fun fabric. Next thing you know you’ll be waiting for him to finish a project so you can sew.

WTG C! What a great first project!

Wow, they look fantastic. Congratulations to C he has done a great job, and congratulations to you Teri too.

Great job, C! And way to teach, Mom! Can I send you my DS to teach him to sew too?

How Cool….Way to Go, C! And great job Teri..but of course we already know you are a great teacher!


Hooray for the next great generation of sewists to come from your home!

Great job! He must have such a sense of accomplishment! And kudos to you too for realizing how best to teach him this skill! My sons sew a bit–mostly survival sewing. I think as adults they have reverted to paying someone at the cleaners to sew for them. Neither DIL enjoys this addiction.

Happy New Year and Congratulations to C for a job well done!


Great PJ’s, C. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Teri, you might just have to look for a sewing machine for him on Ebay.

That is wonderful! The pjs turned out really cool. My 12 yo son did a little sewing at school this year and loved it.

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