Posted on: 31 December, 08

The last day of the year, and the last day of Blog365.  Whew!  I am glad I did it, but I am also glad it is done. 

We are having our annual cul de sac New Year’s Eve party.  I did my annual “sew a new top at the last minute” routine.  At least this year I opted for a pattern that has been made before instead of drafting something brand new.  I will try to get a photo up tomorrow. 

It was unclear if my knee would be up to attending the party this year.  One of the neighbors said, “Oh, I hope she can make it.  She always brings a dish she’s never made before.  It’s always an adventure.”  I had planned to also take the easy way out by bringing a tried and true recipe, but apparently I have a reputation to uphold.  So I came up with a new recipe.  Hubski was my sous chef while I mostly directed from a chair.  It smells awfully good…..

A very happy new year to all my bloggy friends….  Thanks for sticking with me all year.

5 Responses to "#365"

Thank you– I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts this past year and hope that you will continue to blog frequently, if not everyday. Happy New Year and positive vibes for your continued smooth recovery!

SewPaula (via the Ottobre list)

Happy New Year Teri! May you have alot of fun tonight with your neighbors, and a healthy and happy celebration into the new year. Here’s a toast to you!

Wow, 365 posts, very impressive. Happy New Year.

what a very productive day! Can’t wait to see your top. What food did you make?

Yay for keeping up the blog, way better than me! Hope you had fun at the party, Happy New Year! 🙂

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