Putt Putt

Posted on: 1 January, 09

We ate too much and stayed up way too late last night, but it was fun.  Once I finally got moving today, I noticed my knee is much more mobile.  In between knee rehab and icing, I spent most of the day puttering around the sewing room.  I cleaned up the remains of my shirt and C’s pajama pants.  Hubski bought a new, very big, cutting mat for my sewing table.  It seemed like a good time to clear off the cutting, actually putting away all the little detritus that has migrated there in the last few months. 

Ok, I have to be honest.  I also got sucked into watching a reality show marathon.  In my own defense, it started because I wanted to watch something other than football or the Rose Parade while doing my exercises.  Once you see the first episode, it is awfully hard to walk away, or hobble away, in my case.

While cleaning up, I found a remnant that wanted to be trench coat for my American Girl doll.  After finding the pattern, then trimming it, I discovered the remnant is too small.  Grrr.  I played around with remnants, but did not come up with anything that really thrilled me.  It has more to do with being tired than a lack of appropriate fabrics.  We will see what speaks to me in the morning.


2 Responses to "Putt Putt"

Teri,happy to hear you are getting more mobile. I started working on AG doll clothes today. Santa brought an AG doll to my dear friend’s daughter and her birthday is coming up.

Glad to hear that your recovery is going well. All the best as you continue the journey.
Congratulations on completing Blog365.
Happy New Year, too!

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