Back to Our Regular Programming

Posted on: 4 January, 09

School starts again tomorrow and I’ve already received two phone calls about subbing.  Umm, no.  I am not working this week.  Next week is doubtful.  For the next few weeks, I will be choosy about subbing assignments.  Some teachers do not have assigned classrooms.  They are “on carts” which means they have  cart for their stuff and they travel to different rooms during, using whichever ones are open during different periods.  I won’t be subbing for any of those teachers any time soon.  It is exhausting with two good legs.  As much as I love subbing in art, that will be another one that is on hold for a while.  The room is huge and it is impossible to sit while teaching art.  It will be so strange to be at home while the boys are in school. 

Getting everyone ready for school in the morning should be interesting.  Several trips up and down the stairs is part of my normal morning routine.  At dinner, we came up with a plan for the boys to help out a bit more.  I also figured out how to set the timer on the oven so it starts preheating before I come downstairs.  Nifty little feature that I will start using more often.  (The boys like biscuits for breakfast, but normally I have to preheat the oven before I shower so we have enough time.)  We are planning to get up a little earlier tomorrow, knowing that it could take longer than usual. 


5 Responses to "Back to Our Regular Programming"

I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning myself! Neat idea about the oven timer. I need to try to be up and dressed and ready to go out the door myself before waking DS. Then I can stay focused on prodding him along! Which reminds me, I’d better go pick out my clothes for tomorrow…
Enjoy the peace and quiet at home – maybe even sew a little. Remember, it’s therapy!

Good luck with all that tomorrow. It’s snowing here again, so possibly schools will be canceled or delayed in some areas tomorrow. I’m so done with the snow. Hope your knee is mending well.

Even though I have two semi good knees, I am also worried about getting the boy off to school. We have to get up by 6:30 and leave by 7:30 to make it on time. Lately we have been getting up around 8-9. Oh boy, there go my late night sewing adventures, especially since daddy is away on a trip. Good Luck.

glad to see you are slowly recovering, just keep it slow and stay off those stairs as much as possible!

I know what you mean about subbing. I taught school for 32 years and when I retired everyone thought I would sub – wrong- instead I’ve gone back part time – 3 days a week and do math intervention. I taught language arts before so it’s a pleasant change. This is only an Oct. – April position.
I have too much sewing to do and too many grandchildren to visit to work any more than this.
I remember the mornings of having to get children ready for school. Rough. Check out my blog at

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