Wrapping up the Year

Posted on: 5 January, 09

You would think with all the time I have spent doing nothing that posting a photo would be easy.  These days, everything takes ten times as long as usual.  Geesh.  Ok, enough whining.  Honestly, the knee is healing so much faster than expected.  I should be grateful. 

Back to the photo…  This is the top I made for New Year’s Eve.  It is Design #17 from the 05/08 issue of Ottobre Woman, without the collar.  I decided to wear a black silk camisole underneath because crutches and wrap style tops do not work well together.  However, the top looked smashing with these pants.

PS  The sloping shoulder speaks to my photography skills, not my sewing skills. 


8 Responses to "Wrapping up the Year"

This looks just wonderful. I’ll bet it looked great with your black pants. I’m assuming they were made to accommodate your knee brace since you could wear them post surgery.

I like those little pleats on the side wrap. Nice touch. I bet they did look smashing with those pants. And I bet it made you feel good, even with the crutches.

Well first of all I really like the color, and the style you chose. It probably looks great on your skinny little waist. I also love the V-neck. I need to look at this pattern more closely. When I have time of course. Great job Teri. Take it easy.

Love the top. I bet you looked great with those pants. Sounds like your getting it figured out with the boys and going back to school too. Hope you don’t go crazy in an empty house. g

That is gorgeous. I should consider making one for myself…or maybe you could make me one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope your knee continues to heal nicely.

oh I bet you looked smashing!!! The top really dresses those pants up nicely!

Teri..what a gorgeous color…the top looks smashing…especially like the lace cami underneath…nice touch!

WOW, that is beautiful!!!

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