Another Brick in the Wall

Posted on: 8 January, 09

Let me start out by saying I hate, really truly hate, wholeheartedly hate iTunes.  The iPhone is lovely but it refuses to play nice with my computer.  As long as I don’t want to do anything silly, like sync it with my computer, it is fine.  After hours, literally hours, on the phone Apple tech support, and a trip to the Apple store, they are still unable to tell me why my iPhone will not sync with my computer. 

To add to the joy of the evening, when I was trying to open up my iTunes account, it said access was denied for security reasons.  What?!?!  Thinking there might be a problem with my password, I clicked on the “forgot password” button.  It asked for my security data.  When I entered it, the response was “data does not match.”  Ok, I am many things, but I am not an idiot.  Another phone call to tech support.  They had no idea why my account was blocked and had to call iTunes.  During the painfully long wait, I decided to try to long again just for giggles.  Lo and behold, it worked.  However, the phone still will not sync.  Of course, the Apple-heads are saying it must be a PC problem.  In my opinion, if your product does not play nicely with PC’s, then don’t advertise it as a cross platform product.  I have used a wide variety of devices with this computer.  Plugged ’em and a poof, they work. 

At this point, even if Apple could get this phone to work, I am not sure I want it.  What happens if I switch computers and encounter similar problems?  My free tech support time is rapidly running out.  I have already discovered the guys at the Genius Bar are no smarter than a fifth grader. 

I never want to set foot in an Apple store again.  Creepy place.  Though, I discovered a fast way to get service – start talking trash about Apple loud enough to be heard by other customers.  They don’t like that.  One must not besmirch the Apple name.  Don’t get me wrong.  I understand there are some very good points about Apple products.  It seems that Apple-heads refuse to believe that are any bad points, that there could ever be any bad points, merely thinking such a thought is blasphemy.  What cracked me up was the way every single person seemed to think that “being nice” to me would some how make up for the fact that the product is not working for me.  Every single person said, “But haven’t I been nice to you?”  To which I wanted to reply, “Yes, sweetie, you’ve been lovely but a pretty smile won’t get my phone working.”  Don’t they realize they have cut into my sewing time? 

As I was on hold with tech support, I was reading reviews on other smartphones.  How early does the AT&T store open tomorrow?


6 Responses to "Another Brick in the Wall"

Oh my. It sounds like a bunch of stepford-ish Appleheads….”but haven’t I been nice to you?” Cracks me up.

So, my job right now that I get paid for is to write help content for an upcoming release of Windows Mobile that lives on the smart phones and pocket PCs. LOVE this stuff that’s coming out… but I can’t tell you about it or they’ll fire me. Still, it’s so easy to synch to my computer. I keep having to flash a new software build and then resync. Synching takes, oh, um, less than five minutes.

Sorry to make your day worse. Ditch the Apple, go for the real fruit. 😉

LOL to Little Miss’ comments. 🙂 You’re making me glad that I only have my lg phone and not something fancier; although this is the only phone that I’ve had quit talking to the battery and need to be replaced for $50 after the 1 year warranty was up. I’m thinking Nokia might be a good phone to go back to and the Blackberry users that I know like their phones too.

Hey, I’ll bet they want you to know how nice they are to deal with so that you’ll want to go out and buy an Apple computer so that you can sync your phone up to that!! 😉

Hey I love my Ipod!!!! Sorry to hear about your Iphone. I like reading all about your daily struggle with that thing.
My sister loves her, but of course she has a Mac too. Like most photographers, she says there is nothing better.

Wow – FWIW, I have a moto Q, with windows mobile. My boss has a blackjack from AT&T, so you could get that as a similar model, without having to change from AT&T…
Our office announced at the beginning of this week that we could only have windows mobile, as there were either security issues or translation issues with the other types… All executives with blackberries and iphones would be required to change. Guess it was a good thing I asked IT before I bought mine 3 months ago…

Apples would be wise to listen to you. I would NEVER buy an apples product based upon your experience….you’ve never steered me wrong. 😉

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