Walk this Way

Posted on: 9 January, 09

My physical therapy homework is to find a long hallway and walk…without limping or favoring the good knee.  I have lived with a bum knee for so long that I have forgotten how to walk properly.  So today’s physio appointment was dedicated to learning how to walk like a normal person.  It was so weird.  It is hard to walk “normal” when you are focusing so hard on walking normal.   The main hallway of the middle school is one-tenth of a mile from the front door to the back door.  I got to school a little early to pick up C and walked it twice, focusing on my posture and knee position the whole time.  It was exhausting!

My progress is still good.  The PT guy said I am at the dangerous point of recovery.  When the surgical pain wears off, it so tempting to think, “Woo Hoo, look what I can do!” and over do it.  Yep.  That’s exactly where I am.  PT guy was about to smack because I sounded like a rapid chipmunk with  “When can I start going up and down the stairs normally?  What about just going up?  That’s easier right?  What about swimming?  Swimming would be good, right?  Could I ride a bike?  What about leg weights?  Ooooh…squats with the exercise ball!  Can I start stretching the IT band?  Can I get my husband to push on my leg to get full range of motion? Can I? Can I?” 

His response was “Chill.”  Quite literally, chill the knee with ice more often.  Grrr.  That means just sitting around.  The swelling is what prevents my knee from bending fully.  He said, with this surgery, it is not uncommon to have swelling for a few months.  Months?  Seriously?  I don’t have time for months.

Stairs are taboo for quite some time.  Stairs will be the very last thing I am allowed to do.  Going up one step at a time like a peg legged pirate is a drag. 

PT guy also wants me to chill in general.  Though I only have tiny little scars on the outside, there was a great deal of cutting and stitching on the inside.  It is healing beautifully, but I need to relax and let it continue to do that.  Clearly, PT guy does not know who he is dealing with.


3 Responses to "Walk this Way"

But if you don’t listen to PT guy you’ll be back with the MD guy!!! Come on… take it one bit at a time… you can do it…

‘squats with the exercise ball’ ???? LOL !

I’m really glad you’re feeling better ! You have to take it one step at a time (no pun intended)…I know, I know…It’s going to drive you nuts, but do it anyway – you won’t regret it !

I think it is pretty awesome that you have a sewing buddy of any gender or age! They are hard to find! How lucky HE i s to have found a willing teacher.

Take it easy on the knee. My son was young and invincible when he had extensive knee surgery–needs to have it again cuz he did what he wanted when he felt better. You are smarter and will take it one step at a time. Corny, but necessary :>)

Enjoy the sewing!


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