Sew Macho

Posted on: 11 January, 09

I may have another sewing buddy in the works.  Today, a friend told me that she knows of a young boy who desperately wants a sewing machine.  Would I be willing to give the mom some shopping advice?  As the conversation continued, I realized I have known the boy for a few years.  He is fabulously creative and artistic.  I shall refer to him as Broadway Joe because he loves all things Broadway, musical, and artsy.  I don’t know exactly what he will do with his talents, but he will do something fabulous one day.  He so totally needs a sewing machine.  So, once my knee starts feeling a little better and I get some of my own sewing done, I will invite Broadway Joe for an afternoon of sewing.  I have no doubt he will be wildly successful. 

I find it very curious that my sewing proteges have all been males. 


1 Response to "Sew Macho"

Yes, but you have sons.

When I first started my piano teaching, most of my students were friends of my nephews. I looked at my recital program about that time and realized that more than half of my students were boys! Now, a lot of my students are Punkin’s friends, and I’m back to what I would consider a more typical girl:boy ratio.

Interesting, how the ebb and flow goes.

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