I Miss Brown

Posted on: 12 January, 09

Dear FedEx,

Please update your tracking webpage.  According to the website, my package has been sitting in a facility 30 miles away all day long.  What’s up with that?  I could have driven there and picked up myself.  Seriously.  I want my stuff.  UPS practically has a GPS attached to the package so I can tell what street the big brown truck is on. 

To my readers,

On a funny side note, Apple sent me an email with a link to survey about my recent experience with the “Genius Bar.”  I cannot get the link to open.  Sigh.  Par for the course with Apple. 


2 Responses to "I Miss Brown"

I’m sorry but I just love your stories with Apple.

Their website may say the package is still sitting there but from my experience the package is already on it’s way. They just don’t have time to update the computer because they’re working so hard in getting our packages to us on time.

I hope you see your package soon. I hate that waiting feeling.

Punkin’s big Christmas gift was 10 miles away at the UPS center until 4 days after Christmas–argh! The roads were too icky for them to deliver, but we could get out. I would totally have driven there and gotten it if they had let us know where they are!

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