Barack and Me

Posted on: 13 January, 09

If it is good enough for the leader of the free world, then surely it is good enough for me.  I returned the dreaded iPhone on Friday, gleefully.  The folks at the ATT store did not seem terribly surprised.  The phone I wanted was not available in the store so I had to wait for FedEx to deliver it.  Given all of my phone tribulations, I was a little skeptical of not having an ATT employee set it up for me. 

From the time I ripped the box open to the end of my first syncing with my computer was about fifteen minutes.  The new sim card was easy to activate online.  I had to take a wee break to go to physical therapy (brutal today) and run afternoon carpool at both the middle school and high school.  I could not figure out how to set up my email.  Grrr.  One ten minute phone call to ATT and my phone was happily chirping as each new email landed in my inbox. 

I fully admit that there are not nearly as many snazzy apps for the Blackberry as there are for the iPhone.  However, if I have Google, I have the world at my fingertips.  The iPhone is sleek and seductive in appearance, but its beauty is only skin deep.  I will take a hard worker over a pretty face any day.  Typing on the Blackberry is infinitely easier. 

I held out for the 8320 because it has built in WiFi.  At school, there are places where phone signals tend to be weak, but I can tap into the WiFi network.  Also, at home, I would rather run off our WiFi.  I like having options.  It limited my color choices, but that takes us back to substance over style. 

Why didn’t I go for the Bold or the Storm?  Well one is only offered by Sprint, which has terrible coverage in our area.  Besides, we have a great package through ATT because we have so many phones and services.  They are both new to the market.  Buying a first generation gadget always makes me nervous.  Besides, the 8320 does what I need it to do. 

We shall see how long the love affair lasts.  Obama is saying they will have to rip his Blackberry from his steely grip.  After only a few hours, I totally understand his feelings.


2 Responses to "Barack and Me"

I’m getting a new phone in March, and I think it’ll be a blackberry this time too. Dh loves his. I’m hemming and hawing over whether to get the storm or a regular keyboard type.

Congrats on your new phone! I am typing this from my Blackberry as I have just figured out how to use the browser, welcome to Blackberry land!

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