on the fly

Posted on: 14 January, 09

Woo hoo… Figuring out how to blog post from my Blackberry. Now I won’t always have to lug a laptop when I travel.

I hope to have a sewing photo to post later today. Finally…the carpool lane is moving.


Edited to add:  Sorry, I did not get a chance to take photos.  I ended having to do the high school carpool run too, only to turn around and return to the high school for a meeting less than a hour later.  I was running in circles, quite literally. 

There is no slick WordPress app for Blackberry, but hopefully WordPress will fix that soon.  Hint, hint.  However, I was able to easily post from my BB to WordPress by using  Sweet.  I did not have a chance to look into adding photos to a post, but I bet there is a way.  Downloaded to my phone (during the meeting, but don’t tell anyone) were the Facebook app and the Flickr app.  I definitely understand why these things are called Crackberries.  It is entirely addictive. 

I have not forgotten that is primarily a sewing blog.  I promise.  There has not been much motivation to finish the jacket I am working on because I have been wearing workout clothes almost every day.  Between going to physical therapy and the big knee brace, workout clothes are the uniform of the day. 


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