Jacket Up

Posted on: 15 January, 09

Finally…some sewing.  Sorry it is not a modeled photo.  I will add one of those as soon as I actually wear the jacket.  Ok, ok…enough excuses.  Onto the details.

Remember when I was trying to make this pattern work?  The details that really appealed to me were the dramatic collar, the houndstooth fabric, the belted waist.  Design #6 from the 02/06 issue of Ottobre Woman has some of those very details.  Though it is billed as a shirt, I saw no reason why it could not be a jacket.  I allowed a little extra ease so I would be able to wear a shirt underneath.  Instead of sewing the ties into the seams, I made a separate belt.  I have a few leather belts that would look great with different tops underneath the jacket.  Options are good. 

The jacket fits much better on me than it does on the dress form.  One of these, I really must pad out the dress from to more closely resemble my body.  My shoulders are much wider than the form.  The more narrow belt is a better proportion for my frame. 

I love the wide, theatrical cuffs.  They can also be worn folded back, reminiscent of a French cuff.  The buttons are pewter, from way back in my button drawer.  The fabric was originally purchases to make pants for the boys when they were very little.  However, they just were not the houndstooth pants type.  It was a struggle to fit the pattern on the fabric.  The scraps are more like threads.  I did not have enough to make the ties, which lead me to thinking about a contrasting belt.  In the end, that was a better choice.  Sometimes, the fabric just tells us what it wants to be. 


12 Responses to "Jacket Up"

Oooh, that’s so pretty. I’m into tweed and plaids lately. I bet that would be pretty with a very soft, delicate plaid, not one of those bold obnoxious ones, but one that is subtle. I do like the contrasting belt. Isn’t it cool how that worked out for you? I’m glad you are able to do some sewing. Slowly but surely, right?

Looks like a good solution to the dilemma! And frankly, I think I see more potential in this pattern thinking of it as a jacket rather than a shirt. πŸ˜‰

talk about super sewer!! you still can’t walk up stairs, but you can go ahead and make a super cool looking jacket instead. so impressed. love the idea of using a shirt pattern to make a jacket.

the buttons look super cool, and i’m betting you’ll get so much use out of this jacket, now that it’s getting cooler over there.

I agree. I love it. The fabric is a great choice, because it is such a classic, and allows the pattern/cut to really catch your eye. Love the black belt. Makes a great statement, and leads your eye right to the waist. Looks like your getting in the groove again. Glad you are back.

Teri, that’s just amazing! Beautiful work, fabulous adjusting of a pattern! I love the shape of it, I’m sure it must be so flattering! Very stylish!

Teri..this is fabulous!

I have similar fabric..and now that Roger is home from the hospital (yay!), I am going to blatantly copy you and make one of these for myself!

I like that a lot! I had not looked twice at that pattern until it was reviewed on PR a few weeks (months?) back. Now that you’ve made it, too, I can really see the potential.

wow! that’s gorgeous, Teri! I love how you think outside the box and then I can copy you. πŸ™‚

Beautiful jacket – I look forward to you modeling it for us. πŸ™‚

Okay, that was my post (from poshpunkins), I was logged into WP so you probably have no idea it was from me. Oops!

Love this. I’m a houndstooth fan, and this is very prettily done.

[…] Hubski left as soon as possible.  The boys and I followed on Friday afternoon.  We made a mad dash through the mall in search of appropriate clothes and shoes for the boys.  As I began to pack Thursday night, it became clear that my wardrobe is anything but somber.  Ottobre and stash to the rescue.  I was up before daylight to start sewing.  For the record, my eyes are too old to sew on black before the sun comes up.  The zipper was a mess, but the jacket covered it.  I knew I could fix it when I had more time.  I made a black skirt to go with this jacket.  […]

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