A Cut Above

Posted on: 17 January, 09

I am a big believer of “the right tool for the right job,” hence my scissor collection.  Over the years, I have tried several storage methods.  Baskets, boxes, and drawers require digging through to find the right pair.  That can be a bit dangerous with sharp, pointy things.    With scissors of various lengths, cups or jars don’t work very well.  Pegboard looks too much like a garage to me.  It thought about a magnetic strip, but that would not work for my rotary cutter. 

Enter Command Adhesive Hooks.  I love these things.  I love that they come in a variety of finishes and shapes.  I love that I don’t have to drill holes in my wall.  There is a little space on the wall near my cutting table where the ceiling slopes down.  It is rather awkward, unless you are looking for a place to store scissors.  If my scissor collection expands, I can rearrange the hooks. 

By the way, this is not my entire scissor collection.  These are just the ones I use frequently.  Different ones are more comfortable for different fabrics or tasks.  Next to each machine, there is also a pair of small scissors for clipping threads or cutting buttonholes.  The guys in this household know to ask before touching any of my scissors.  In return, I keep an ample supply of scissors around the house.  If they have their own, they are less likely to come sniffing around mine. 


3 Responses to "A Cut Above"

oiy ! My second ‘why didn’t I think of that’ – this month ! I’m currently in the midst of prewashing, measuring, refolding, storing and logging in my fabric Collection – a MUCH larger job than anticipated πŸ™‚ LOL

I’ve decided on storage for thread, buttons and some of my other notions but have not thought of the best way to deal with my scissors, rulers and tape measures. I didn’t want to go the pegboard route either although I was ‘this’ close.

These 3M hooks are in use all around my house for various things and would be perfect in the sewing room – so, WHY didn’t I think of it ??? Someone please slap me upside the head, duh !

ok, will study my possible wall layout of hooks while pressing the next piece of fabric.

what a great idea for scissor storage. Seeing your picture reminds me that my rotary cuttor broke recently and I need a new one. g

I love this idea! I keep my scissors stored in a drawer, your idea is so much more convenient.

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