Blueberry and Blackberry

Posted on: 20 January, 09

A cold, snowy day is not the greatest photography weather.  I tried to get a modeled shot, but the lighting just would not cooperate with the very dark navy of these pants.  I had to settle for a pocket shot with the pants on my cutting table.  When I set up the room, I made sure their was really good lighting over the cutting table.  Even with that much light, I had to lighten up the photo in PhotoShop. 

The pattern is Design #34 from the 01/03 issue of Ottobre.  This is a children’s pattern.  I started with the hip measurement then tapered in to a smaller size for the waist.  The center back seam had to be taken in an extra half inch to accommodate my slight sway back.  This pattern tapes in at the knee quite a bit.  I widened the knee so the leg will drape over the big, black brace easily.  The pockets in the front yoke seam are perfect for my Blackberry and the coins for soda I carry with me on teaching days.  The fabric is a substantial fine wale corduroy that has been aging in my stash for years.  Seriously, like ten years.  My original plan was to make a pair of flannel lined pants, but this corduroy was too thick.  If I had added a layer of flannel, I wouldn’t be able to bend my legs.  I have cut out another pair of pants today that might get lined.  Of course, once I make a pair of super warm pants, we not have any more frigid weather.  And I am absolutely okay with that.  🙂 


4 Responses to "Blueberry and Blackberry"

Nice job using the corduroy and adjusting the pattern for your brace.

Teri…these pants look great! LOVE the pocket detail.

(I have this issue..and am wondering how I missed this style, LOL!)

These are beautiful, and what a great stash reduction…. Wished you lived closer so I could have a sewing buddy.

What a pretty color, and I love the waistband. This type of waistband is usually so comfortable. Great job. Aren’t you happy sewing again?

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