Snow Day

Posted on: 21 January, 09

Yesterday, we had six inches of snow.  Around here, that is a practically a blizzard.  As luck would have it, Tuesday was a teacher workday.  We don’t get enough to snow justify municipalities investing in lots of snow plows and salt trucks.  They treat the interstate highways and really major roadways.  The smaller streets get cleared when it warms up enough to melt the snow.  With a predicted high of 30 today, that did not happen.  School was canceled.  Many children around the district cheered this morning.  Many children are short sighted.  We will have to make up this day of school in late February, which means we will have not days off of school until spring break, April 6th.  That means a full nine weeks of school with no break.  In this house, we live for three weekends.  Spring weather had better come early. 

The superintendent of the school district sent out a lovely email this morning.  Whenever school is canceled, some parents complain because the road in front their house is clear.  He explained that the roads in parts of our district are a sheet of solid ice.  He also explained that most of our teachers do not live in this district.  They live in neighboring counties.  The neighboring counties are more rural, which means the roads are even worse.  It was nice to know he considered the teachers’ safety when deciding to close school. 


1 Response to "Snow Day"

Wow! Lucky you! Can you imagine if that snow had been a couple hundred miles north of you?! As in for the inauguration? I really want it to snow here just one BIG snow, as long as our electricity and cable don’t go off!

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