What Not to Wear

Posted on: 24 January, 09

The new collection of Vogue Patterns is disappointing.  There are few patterns that are acceptable, that could possibly be cute in the right fabric.  There is nothing that makes me want to run to the fabric store to buy the patten.  I love the vintage patterns, but I totally love that fashion era. 

This dress caught my eye, but not in a good way.  C’mon Vogue, what woman wants to add more bulk at her hips?  Really?  Perhaps if you were built like a thermometer, you could pull this off.  I am normally a huge fan of the cutaway sleeve.  In this case, it creates the lines of a triangle with the widest part at the bottom.  I understand Vogue tries to be all edgy and uber-chic, but there is a reason other pattern makers do not put big, pouchy pockets on the hips.  Women don’t want to add literal saddlebags to their hips.  image


3 Responses to "What Not to Wear"

wow, that dress is hideous. I’ve seen some of their other releases being posted across the blogosphere and they just aren’t impressing me at all.

I think it’s cute as long as you don’t put the pockets on! There’s a McCall’s wrap dress that’s similar (sans pockets) but the skirt is way fuller than I like.

If I came prancing into my husband’s hospital room in that dress…he’d have yet ANOTHER heart attack!

The entire CICU might go into arrest!

Heck, I might even GET arrested for wearing that hideous frock!

…I wonder how many of that style they’ll sell……

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